NAPA Auto Parts Store Approved To Build Warehouse

January 30, 2017

NAPA Auto Parts Store Approved To Build Warehouse

The St. Clair Planning and Zoning has given its approval for plans to develop a 1,800-square foot NAPA warehouse at the NAPA Auto Parts store. The consent was given after a variance was approved last month for setbacks the board of adjustments gave.

According to zoning regulations, a front of a building must have a 25-foot setback, but the proposed warehouse, based on site plans, had a 16-foot setback.

For the variance approval, the site plan needed to meet specific criteria:

Special conditions were present for the land, building or structure

Zoning ordinance robs candidate sensible use of the land

Special situations were not the result of the applicant's actions after the approval of the zoning ordinance

Requested modification would not result in unfavorable problems to the public or impair the goals for the zoning ordinance

While the board of adjustments did give its approval, they didn't agree that the company met all four points.

ATP Real Estate LLC representative Michael Armstrong said the company turned in its site plan application and the plans were to construct a warehouse on the eastern side of the NAPA Auto Store.

The current store is nearly 5,000 square feet of retail space, with an additional 600 feet for its office and dock area. Armstrong said the expansion would permit additional space for more retail and parts storage.

The site plan will now be presented to the board of alderman to get final approval.

NAPA, which is based in Cape Girardeau, Mo., has 50 locations.