Roses Sets Opening For July 27

July 24, 2017

Roses Sets Opening For July 27

Roses, Brewton's new discount store, will open its doors July 27, with a grand opening ceremony set for Aug. 3.

And, its management is feeling confident the store is going to be successful. According to management, there is no other store in Brewton quite like Roses.

Roses is located in the Douglas Square Shopping Center, which used to be the Wal-Mart building. It takes up half of that building. In February, city officials said Roses would be open in July and staff are currently working on stocking the shelves.

Roses, which is part of Variety Wholesalers Inc. Company based in North Carolina, will employ 20 people. Based on the information from Variety Wholesalers website, the company has a number of discount retail chains it owns. In its Super 10 Division comprises of 85 stores that range from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet and work under the name "Bargain Town," "Super 10", "Bill's Dollar Stores" and "Super Dollar."

The latest Roses store is one of 160 stores in its Rose's Division and offers a large array of retail products such as health and beauty aids, toys, furniture, housewares, snacks, sporting goods, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.

Based on the site's configuration, a third retailer could take up residence in the building. Shipp said that, along with the Roses store, people can visit Farmer's Furniture. He said the company chose to divide the space so that another tenant could occupy the garden center side.

Shipp said the projects do take up time but Brewton is growing, and it won't be long before another company comes in.