Salisbury set to host a new store of H & M from 16th February

March 27, 2017

Salisbury set to host a new store of H & M from 16th February

Salisbury will have a latest addition for shoppers. H&M is planning to open its store at The Centre at Salisbury mall that was closed after 2014.

Based in Sweden, H&M had announced that there will be an outlet last March and they have been advertising ever since then, which had caught the eye of shoppers and it is in close vicinity of the previously Penney's area. As per the official release from H&M last year, they were planning to hire 30 employees for the new store.

H&M believes in fast fashion, which is inexpensive and customers are able to get the latest collection from designers without much delay, which makes it a promising business model.

The company also plans to expand its network by adding more stores. Last year alone, they had opened 430 new stores as per their corporate release and now; they have nearly 4,300 active stores, with 520+ stores in the US.

To welcome H&M, The Mall, run by Rouse properties, is offering $100 giveaway in a contest on Facebook.

In the previously owned space by JC Penney, a Home Goods store was opened recently.