T-Mobile Promoting Sensational Offers On Google Pixel Smartphones

January 10, 2017

T-Mobile Promoting Sensational Offers On Google Pixel Smartphones

Despite the lack of interest people seem to have with Google's Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones because of the exclusiveness to Verizon, T-Mobile appears to really like them. In fact, T-Mobile has offered some titillating value propositions for Pixel owners who move to their network such as providing people $325 for the move.

The rumor mill is running full speed with the news that T-Mobile may up its game regarding the Pixel smartphones. It's believed the retail stores will have Pixel display units, meaning customers can walk into their T-Mobile store and learn about Google's newest device in person.

People who want to purchase a Pixel smartphone can't do it from the T-Mobile store or the website. Instead, they will need to have a T-Mobile employee to help them with the ordering process from the Play Store. Or, they can go to a Best Buy location and purchase a Pixel.

No doubt the T-Mobile representatives will work hard to push the Pixel promotion to people interested in their phones - all in the hopes to get new subscribers to the carrier. It's not known if the company will actually be able to sell these popular smartphones directly.