Taco Bell Will Eliminate Additives and Preservatives From Its Food

January 19, 2017

Taco Bell Will Eliminate Additives and Preservatives From Its Food

Yum! Brands Taco Bell recently announced it was eliminating preservatives and other additives in its foods in all its restaurants by 2018. And, in sometime 2017, the fast-food chain said it is also eliminating antibiotics seen in human medicine from chicken products and get rid of the extra-large soda cups.

Taco Bell will continue to serve cage-free egg ingredients, adding more to its main menu. It attained its objective to provide 100% cage-free whole eggs in breakfast items, but it's looking, by year's end, to use cage-free egg ingredients in various products like creamy jalapeno sauce, creamy chipotle sauce, habanero sauce and avocado ranch sauce.

The company has made progress in reducing its food's sodium levels. In fact, Taco Bell has reduced its sodium level by 15 percent all across the menu. A new goal has been set - to reduce it another 10 percent - by the year 2025.

The company said the 2017 commitments is a means to have an honest communication with its fans and customers. Taco Bell said it wanted to be sure it was completely transparent on its brand and where it stands when it comes to its products. The company said it would be crafting a Purpose Report so that customers can look at the causes the brand feels are important.

There are 7,000 Taco Bell and franchises throughout the U.S. and over 250 in international markets. The company said it would like to build an additional 2,000 restaurants within 10 years.