Target Is Going With a Flex-Format Kind Of Store

March 10, 2017

Target Is Going With a Flex-Format Kind Of Store

Target is making plans to create a "flex-format" kind of store for its big box locations. And, one of these "flex-format" stores will open in Marin City.

The Marin City Gateway is set to open in March and will be located along Donahue Street. The Target will be located in the former 49,000 square-foot Best Buy store, which left the area after it didn't renew its lease in February 2014.

A typical Target store is generally 130,000 square feet, but its flex-format version is much smaller, more customized. According to a company spokesman, it means more locally-relevant products and smaller sizes. It lets the stores to enter markets where they were unable to open previously.

It will be the 48th Target store in the San Francisco Bay region, and it'll be the fifth flex-format location. Target has plans to open two more flex-format stores for the San Francisco Bay area in 2017.

According to various media reports, starting positions will pay $14.25 an hour.