Target's New Flexible-Format Mini-Target Stores

December 08, 2016

Target's New Flexible-Format Mini-Target Stores

There's something about Southern California that retailers love to experiment with the latest shopping ideas. This newest idea is a pint-size Target coming to Orange County.

Target, the retail giant, announced their plans to open a more flexible shopping experience next year in Orange County. This store concept is the 10th throughout the Los Angeles area and features most of the same selection of merchandise and groceries as the larger Target stores, just much smaller in size. The chosen location has been vacant for the past two years since Ralphs closed their doors. The 41,700 square foot location is expected to open in October 2017.

What Is A Flexible-Format Store?

These stores are only one-third the size of the average Target store and are being constructed in highly populated suburban areas or on college campuses. These smaller stores offer groceries including produce and ready-to-go foods such as sandwiches, salads, and beverages. Some will have a pharmacy but not the lawn and garden supplies that are available at the larger stores. These smaller Target stores will also provide clothing, pet supplies, baby care products, toys, home decor, personal care products, and portable technology accessories. Most of them will have a combination of full-service and self-service checkout lanes. So as you can see, the floor plans will not be shrinking.

Shoppers, in a particular area, will find unique merchandise that will cater to the given neighborhood while providing a one-stop-shop environment.

This location in Orange County is the second flexible-format store to open. Earlier this year, Target announced opening another small store at University Center in Irvine and is expected to open in July.

To explain flexible-format simply means the merchandise in Irvine might be quite different from the merchandise in Orange. For instance, the Irvine store, which is located near UC Irvine, will probably have more dormitory and "move-in" items than Orange.

Los Angeles is among 10 priority growth areas for an urban format and has 31 flexible-format stores throughout. These stores are the expansion from TargetExpress and CityTarget leaders. The concept was developed a few years back to provide quick trip shopping in urban centers. In 2015, the retailer re-branded these stores to avoid confusion for shoppers. Whether large or small, their stores have one thing in common; they all "Target" the company. Target started referring to the smaller stores as flexible-format locations as they move forward in their urban growth strategy.

For everyone's convenience, the Orange store is located at 2512 East Chapman Ave., which only 4 miles from the larger Target store located on Tustin Street, located across from the Village at Orange.

These stores, in Orange and Los Angeles counties, are high-performance which is the reason the chain is adding more options for those that are closer to other Target stores.

Great news, the Orange and Irvine stores are only a part of the 28 flexible-format stores that will open across the U.S. over the next three years. The Irvine store is going into a 20,000 square-foot space that was originally occupied by a 24-hour fitness center. It will be located at Bridge Road and Campus Drive.