UCF Campus Will Get Two New Restaurants

February 07, 2017

UCF Campus Will Get Two New Restaurants

University of Central Florida students will see two new dining options become available during the Spring 2017 semester - Pollo Tropical, which will be located adjacent to the Recreation and Wellness Center and RWC Pool, and Chili's, which will be located in the Student Union.

Pollo Tropical's location will be a 3,200-square-foot building that construction crews started working on during the summer and into the fall and winter seasons. The goal is to attain a LEED Silver certification for sustainability and be different than chain's typical Caribbean-style food exterior.

According to Mark Schlueb, UCF News and Information Senior Communications Coordinator, the newest restaurants have not set a date to open. Chili's is hoping for a January opening. He said Pollo Tropical will have most of the renovations done by the end of January. Of course, this timeframe is dependent upon the arrival and installation of the outdoor canopy for students to eat under.

Employee training is set for February 2017, with a soft opening set for March.

In 2013, an additional 650 beds were added to the Hercules and Nike complexes, which increased the need to add more food options to the community. It's the hope that Pollo Tropical and Chili's will serve this need.