Walgreens Announces Opening Of Over 50 Cancer-Specialized Pharmacy Locations

March 29, 2017

Walgreens Announces Opening Of Over 50 Cancer-Specialized Pharmacy Locations

Walgreens recently announced that over 50 local specialty pharmacies will now be cancer-specialized locations. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians with advanced cancer training and experience will be hired to ensure patients get the answers and prescriptions they need.

Walgreens Senior Director for Oncology Disease State Management Matthew Farber said pharmacists tend to be the last conversions patients have before they start their oral therapies - whether it's through web chat, mobile chat, on the phone or in person. He said with new oral therapies for cancer care being developed, pharmacists in these locations have a vital role in working with patients' financial counselors, nurses, doctors and social workers.

The staff at these locations participated in a cancer-focused program of cutting-edge education courses. The course put attention on breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer along with a number of blood cancers like lymphomas, myeloproliferative neoplasms, etc.

With the Walgreens cancer-specialized pharmacies, patients can access, pay for and continue their medication while they successfully switch into survivor mode. The Walgreens technicians and pharmacists work with an array of providers to assist with prescription side effects and can help in securing financial assistance when necessary.

The largest voluntary health agency Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is focused on blood cancers, getting expert advice from academic sources, putting together clinical training courses and certification for Walgreen's specialty technicians and pharmacists. It will provide them with the most recent evidence-based guideline and standards for the care of blood cancer patients.

LLS CEO and President Louis DeGennaro said the agency is fervent in meeting blood cancer patients' needs. He said the programs, policies and priorities it develops is founded on what is right for the patients. DeGennaro said partnering with Walgreens has allowed the agency to make an impact on over 1.2 million people's healthcare - people living with or currently in remission from any kind of blood cancer.

The education-focused enterprise means constant teamwork between LLS and Walgreens. One part of their goal is to put into action an education and training program that will boost pharmacists' familiarity of blood cancers and treatments along with cancer care.