Wendy's Invests In Self-Ordering Kiosks

March 30, 2017

Wendy's Invests In Self-Ordering Kiosks

Wendy's has plans to use self-ordering kiosks in many of its burger chain franchises by year end. Each approved location would get three kiosks for a cost of $15,000.

According to Chief Information Officer David Trimm, the machines would pay for themselves within two years with more sales and savings on labor. Trimm said the kiosks are ideal for two reasons - they appease to younger customers and it helps decreased the labor expenses.

Kiosks have helped to reduce the long lines that can occur during peak dining times while also boosting kitchen output.

There will be around 1,000 locations that have the kiosks.

Technomic Vice President Darren Tristano said Wendy's is trying to improve their automation services and reduce labor costs. They also want to give the customer a better experience and appeal to the younger generation.

Kiosks are useful in that it gives information about the customers.

According to Heidi Schauer, a spokeswoman for Wendy's, the higher-volume stores will get first dibs on the kiosks. The move will put them ahead of the competition. Several Ohio locations already have the kiosks installed.

While customers can still order their food at the counter, Tristano believes self-ordering kiosks and cash registers will eventually be replaced.