Wendy's Joins Roundtable To Continue Its Beef Value Sustainability Efforts

December 21, 2016

Wendy's Joins Roundtable To Continue Its Beef Value Sustainability Efforts

Wendy's has teamed up with U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef to carry out its commitment in proceeding its sustainability efforts within the U.S. beef value chain. Wendy's continues its 46-year commitment to offer fresh, never frozen, beef patties made in North America.

The company is well-known for partnering with beef supply food chain leaders, in an effort to ensure they follow the responsible practices of animal production, welfare and health. With the collaboration with Roundtable, the company ensures itself to have a voice in various discussions taking place in the U.S. beef industry.

Wendy's Chief Communications Officer Liliana Esposito said Wendy's was established on just one principle - to ensure Quality is our Recipe. She said customers demand delicious hamburgers that are fresh and served by courteous people. Esposito said the quality beef commitment has allowed the company and U.S. beef producers to have a relationship that ensures the chain's customers are happy with the product they receive.

She said the company has a long-term interest to promote the continued sustainability of the nation's beef supply chain. Esposito said company officials are happy they can partake in the efforts the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef are establishing in making sure U.S. beef production continues to improve.

The USRSB recognizes consumers are interested in finding out where their food comes from and how the food is raised. The agency wants the U.S. beef value chain to become a trusted worldwide leader in ecologically sound, economically and socially responsible viable beef. The USRSB is made up of ranchers, farmed, industry partners, retailers, processors, academics and environmental groups, which ensures an array of viewpoints and interests are heard. All of this can lead to teamwork, multi-stakeholder engagement, improvement and leadership.

John Butler, USRSB beef producer and Chair, said the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef's strengths and success is dependent upon a varying membership that includes the whole beef chain value. He said he was happy to include Wendy's in the Roundtable to ensure the U.S. beef industry continues refining its sustainability.

Wendy's was found in 1969 by Dave Thomas who vowed never to serve frozen, only fresh, beef hamburgers. As the chain began to grow - to over 6,500 restaurants today - the supply chain also progressed but still maintains that all restaurants use fresh, never frozen, beef from the North American industry.