White Castle Offers New Seafood Slider During Lent

March 15, 2017

White Castle Offers New Seafood Slider During Lent

Most people did not equate crab cakes with fast food. White Castle wants to change that with the introduction of its seafood crab cake slider.

It's the Lent-alternative for people who have decided to give up red meat during the season.

White Castle's crab cake slider will be placed on a dinner roll with a tasty creole sauce.

Along with the crab cake slider, it will also offer Shrimp Nibblers for a short time. Both items were unveiled on Feb. 17 and will continue through the Lent season.

White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson said the company was happy to lead the fast food industry by offering a seafood crab cake sandwich and Shrimp Nibblers. Many White Castle fans want reasonably priced and tasty seafood menu items. So far, the response to the new additions on social media has been positive.

Mike Pawinski wrote on White Castle's Facebook page, saying the crab cake sandwich wasn't a hockey puck like he thought it would be - it was full of flavor and delicious.

Another person said she loved the crab cake slider, saying it was very crunchy.

Most of the White Castle locations are found in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest areas.