Wichita Residents Get A Healthy Living For Less Sprouts Store

February 17, 2017

Wichita Residents Get A Healthy Living For Less Sprouts Store

Wichita has a new grocery store - Sprouts Farmers Market, which is a 30,000 square-foot building that the Piccadilly Market and Grill once was.

Sprouts Farmers Market is based in Phoenix and has more than 250 stores around the nation.

According to Erin Miller, spokeswoman for the store, produce is its bread and butter. The company's fresh business is what drives traffic to the store. She said 25% of its sales come from the produce. It what makes Sprout so different from other stores.

Miller said the produce is laid out in the middle of the store, rather than the sides like traditional grocery stores. She said it's unique because it's a visible sight line no matter where a customer is in the store.

She said there are some non-traditional fresh items as well like star fruit and lychee. Miller said team members will open fruit for people who want to try it.

Miller said the produce is both organic and non-organic. Healthy living isn't a one-size fit all approach, she said.

There are no Coke products or Tide-related products. Instead, she said, the company focuses on natural product.

"Healthy Living for Less," that's the Sprouts motto.

Miller said customers save money by purchasing various bulk items that are often seen in smaller amounts. She said people will find value in their products.

Sprouts also have a vitamin and body care department, which includes natural beauty care products like gluten-free makeup. It also has a bakery, deli and dairy department.

The company will also have a double ad Wednesday that features items on sale from both the week before and the upcoming week.

Miller said people in Wichita have been clamoring for a Sprouts for many years now. Another Sprouts is set to open in Atlanta shortly afterward.