Wichita Residents Will See 5 More T-Mobile Stores

April 04, 2017

Wichita Residents Will See 5 More T-Mobile Stores

T-Mobile franchisee Shehbaz Chaudhry and Talk Mobile have agreed to five new stores in the Wichita area and another in Salina.

One Wichita store will occupy the remaining 2,200 square feet in the former Barrier's space. The remainder of the building will go to the Hill Bar & Grill.

The deal was made possible thanks to Patrick Ahern with NAI Martens.

Another T-Mobile Store will take shape along S. George Washington Blvd. and occupy 1,200 square feet. Ahern, along with J.P. Weigand & Sons Marty Moody, brokered the deal.

Chaudhry will also open two more stores in the western part of town. One along N. Maize at 2,400 square feet; another along N. Ridge Road at 1,500 square feet.

Another 2,000 square foot will be located Derby Marketplace.

The Salina store will occupy 2,000 square feet of space.

Several stores are currently are under construction, with an opening date of early June for all stores.