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Most Recent Comments

  • "Had a company dinner here. Food was great. Service was great. Our staff had a big time. It was a fun change of pace for a company dinner and well worth the trip. Definitely recommend."
  • "I was surprised when she told us it was a 30 min wait just for 3 people and there were so many empty tables and booths open. The server was good but the food was okay. I got the Nashville Hot chicken and they only put a little taste of sauce on the side of the chicken. My husband wanted ribs but they didn’t have any because they were still frozen. Mind you we arrived here around 6 pm so I don’t understand why some food items were not ready to be served"
  • "My overall experience here was good. Went here on a date night. Food was just ok, not bad but not good either. Our server was great, attentive and answered our questions since it was our first time there. We mostly played 2 player games and a $20 game card lasted us about an hour and a half."
  • "I went for a regular Tuesday night game night meetup. It was a lot of fun. I met new folks played some games and had much fun. Would encourage all to try it out. Starts at 7pm and ends at 10pm."
  • "Kids, kids, and an overabundance of snot nosed brats. Drinks never taste good here no matter what you order and please save yourself: don't order the beer tower! They do not clean the towers it so it tastes like old icky beer and the mixed drinks taste like plastic tubs. Service is always slow due to high volume of people and food is never tasty. I've never seen such a large amount of children/tweens at a D&B before but this place seems to have all the kids in the Cary/Raleigh/Durham area. D&B is for adults to unwind and drink while acting like a kid and playing video games. I don't think it was ever a place for kids to be dropped off while parents go shop or what have you since it serves alcohol. Parents, please stop ruining these adult places of enjoyment with your ridiculous abundance of children."

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