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2745 Fairfield Commons Blvd, Beavercreek, OH 45431

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  • "I had the taco salad, lunch size, and found it to be tasty and filling. There are a good number of menu options, the atmosphere is quaint, all in all I'd recommend the place but their waiter/waitress training leaves a bit to be desired. Even in a busy situation it would be rude for a waiter/waitress to interrupt conversation. I understand they have a job to do but the way to do it is stand silently until attention is on you and then speak ... not just interrupt. This was made worse by the fact that it was actually a slow time of day and there was no reason at all for her to feel rushed. It sent the message her time is too valuable to waste on courteousness."
  • "As others have said this used to be a great place to eat. They never get a carryout order correct...last time we had to wait 15 minutes for anyone to even come to the front. Long story short after 30 minutes of waiting for an order that should have been ready...the order was wrong!!! Another 15 minutes to get our money refunded!! The only reason we stayed was that we pre-paid to speed things up! They will be gone before long...not sure how corporate had not stepped in to handle the issues. Avoid this place! Sad knowing how good they used to be!"
  • "W e have been there twice in last three months all three times something bad. The head manager a little twerp of a man always wants to apologize. Quit apologizing and kick your kitchen staff in the ass. Service terrible usually leave large tips not again. The Gm is total nimrod. Do your damn job . I say save your money and drive to Cincinnati and eat on the water front great food and service. Avoid this place like the plague."
  • "I have been eating at this restaurant since my daughter entered college at Wright State in 1996. It used to be very good tex-mex with great servers. Now, however, it appears they are about to go out of business. They have cheapened the cheese in the quesadillas to where they are very bland - plastic cheese. They have watered down the queso blanco and it no longer has much spice to it. Sometimes they will bring out regular, orange queso and they try to tell me it really is queso blanco when I know better. Blanco means WHITE. The most recent manager comes out and apologizes for the regular errors. Very overdone and dry spoon bread, wrong queso, steaks cooked medium rare when my wife ordered well done. Also, they cannot make the red sangria the same way twice in a row anymore. Sometimes it has fruit, sometimes not, sometimes it comes in a glass with a jar alongside, sometimes in a single glass. If it weren't for the fact my wife still loves their taco salad we would never go back. And even given the taco salad, we ordered spoon bread on our last visit two weeks ago, and the waitress said they had to make some. When we finished eating about 45 minutes later, they STILL had just put the spoon bread in the oven. Running out of queso blanco then trying to pass off something else as the blanco, no spoon bread, sometimes they are "out" of one thing or another. This place is a shadow of what it was even six months ago. The fountain leaks, there is dust, the restrooms are, as another stated, gross. We have belonged to the Habanero club for many years, but if this store doesn't snap back to what it was we're going to give up on it. This place used to be very busy, but now it is mostly abandoned even during the noon hour and early evening. EDIT: As of Labor Day, 2016, It hasn't gotten better, it's gotten worse. Our 20 year relationship with Don Pablo's is over. We have cut up our Habanero club card and will not be back. They need to shut down this store and probably the entire chain. EDIT #2: They have now closed the restaurant permanently (27 September 2016)."
  • "We waited five minutes in an empty restaurant to be seated, ten for drinks, twenty five for food, food was cold, new food was gross and had to ask for the checks. Server said they hope we come back but we couldn't even get decent service from them. This was all around 7:40 PM and they don't close until 10:00 PM. Not returning."

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