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140 Andrew Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15275

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  • "My husband and I just went a few days ago and are going back tonight. I swear, we've probably been to every restaurant in Robinson and half of Pittsburgh, yet somehow we had never really noticed Don Pablo's before. I know some reviews are negative, but I think sometimes people only comment when they have a bad experience. We had a great time - you can't beat $3 margaritas M-F! Our server was a hilarious older woman who asked how we were doing at least 4 times, she never missed a beat. Now, is the food gourmet or straight from Mexico? No. But I ordered the combo chicken fajitas with the ribs and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was! Plus, I had the best date in the world which I think makes all the difference. Give it a try, it's worth it."
  • "Consistent. This place is one of the busiest you will ever see. The waitresses and manager are constantly hustling to make sure people get their food quickly. The food itself is consistently delicious. Every time I've ever gone here (5x in the last 3 months) I've always had a good time. I have NO IDEA who these other reviewers are that have a bad time at this restaurant. Food - B+ Service - A Atmosphere - A+ Alcohol - B+ Go down to Texas/Mexico and report back against this place. It's pretty good for a northern Mexican, and the service has always been hustling. A 3-entree-order takeout request was ready in 15 minutes (enchiladas, fajitas for 2, taco sampler, chips, a few sides)."
  • "Went on a Wednesday evening and was pretty dead and yet took a half hour to get our dinner. The waitress had to make three trips just to get our chips, drinks, and water. She also forgot things with our dinner. The meal itself was good, what I had of it. I stepped outside for two minutes to take an emergency phone call and came back and the table was cleared. Spoke to the waitress and she said sorry, thought you left. I offered to pay for the meal and she made me pay in full. I had only taken literally three bites of my burrito. Not pleased and will not go back again. "
  • "My girlfriend and I decided to eat here one Saturday night. It was a little late for dinner (9 PM) so we weren't expecting anything great, but what we got was awful. After being told to seat ourselves upstairs, we found all the tables were dirty and I ended up cleaning one myself. After waiting for a long time, our waiter showed up and rudely took our drink order. After disappearing for some time, he showed up again and took our dinner order. After 45 minutes without seeing our waiter once, our food and now cold appetizer showed up at the same time. My enchiladas were bad, but my girlfriend's pulled pork sandwich was almost inedible. I have never received such poor service, and such poor food. I will never make the mistake of eating here again."
  • "I've been going to Don Pablos for years. I grew up in Virginia and would always go with my family. Now, living in Pittsburgh I've gone to this location probably about 10 times. The quality of food as well as the service seems to be getting worse every time I go. Tonight, my girlfriend and I went for dinner. Right when we walked in, we stood at the host stand patiently for about 5 minutes...After the same employee/server walked by us about 4 or 5 different times, he asked if we've been seen yet - We just politely shook our heads no as he walked away to go get the hostess. After that, it took an additional 3 or 4 minutes for her to come out and actually seat us. Once we were sat, it took about 5 minutes for our server (Lindsey #561) to come over and introduce herself. We ordered soda and Border Dip. Once the Border Dip came out, it was only warm as though it was waiting in the kitchen for a while. She forgot the tortillas that were suppose to come with it which I brought up to her and she seemed annoyed that I asked for something that was suppose to be included in the appetizer to begin with. Once I got my dinner (Combo - Pick Two) which was two crunchy beef tacos with a side of sour cream, there was so much grease from the taco meat that I didn't even finish one of my two tacos. A puddle of grease covering the entire bottom of my plate - the tacos themselves made me sick. I had to ask for my side of sour cream 3 separate times before she actually went to get it for me. Our server didn't stop by even ONCE to ask us if we needed anything or how our food was. My drink was completely empty for an entire hour and never actually got a refill. The sad part? They weren't even busy. This was the worst service I've ever had. Worst $40 experience for even worse food and service."

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