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Dave & Buster's - 40 Providence Pl

40 Providence Pl, Providence, RI 02903, USA

(401) 270-4555
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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  • "Been here a couple times. Food is good, I loved the deal where you purchase a game card with your meal. Most recently went with a work group and had a buffet in a private section. The chicken was good, bread was fair, drinks plentiful, wonderful potatoes and a Caesar's salad. Also offered great fair to accomodate the allergies of the group. Children were around until about 8:30 and then it was all adults. A couple of games were on the fritz so you insert your card and nothing. Overall not a bad way to entertain all 40 of us."
  • "This Dave and Busters is probably the best one I have visited in a while. Compared to SD NYC and VA this one must have underwent a menu overhaul because the food was very good. We had a party of 7 with kids and we ordered from the kids menu as well. Everyone's meals were great. The burgers were juicy and flavorful and the buns were roasted to perfection. The combo pasta was seasoned perfectly and the portions were proportionate. The food from the kids menu was also surprisingly good. Most restaurants don't give a rats ass about how the food on the kids menu taste. The staff was great and the games were great too. Lots of new arcade games. Very impressed with this place"
  • "So I just got finished talking in person to a manager at Dave and Busters in Providence after showing him the foreign object that I pulled out of my tounge this morning. I reported to them yesterday at dinner that I felt a sharp pain on my tounge when eating the ribs. The next day my son looks at the leftovers and notices more of the thin white slivers that I pulled out So I was refunded my meal, not ALL 4 rib meals I purchased because no one else complained so far. They have no idea where the thin white sharp objects came from but they assured me that they checked the ribs and sauce. Good luck. Hope they check the grill and tools used to scrape the grill. Most likely the objects came from a brush used to clean the grill; this is common with BBQ. I guess my 2 100 credit game cards and 1 refunded meal will have to do. I just wanted a refund for the 4 rib meals. I do not think that was too much to ask for since they can not say if they were contaminated. My throat is still soar!"
  • "I went to here like a few months ago with my dad and my sister we had an amazing time!!! Now I love in mass and a realized that the games are much lower thank you I had an amazing time ☺"
  • "Tonight was one of my WORST nightmares! I am still in shock. Tonight my boyfriend and I decided to go to Dave&Busters to have dinner, as we usually do every other month, we've been coming here for over a year and tonight was one of our WORST NIGHTS here,the waitress that took care of us didn't know what she was doing, my boyfriend usually orders an alcoholic drink and as usual they ask ID, so my boyfriend hands her the ID and she says "ok" and she comes back 3 minutes later asking " can i see your ID again" and she said we have to double-check the out-state ID's , so then she took my boyfriends ID to her boss and then brought his drink 10 minutes later and said all set, then we asked why they did that and she explained how they needed to double-check the ID's that come out of state and we told her we've been coming here over a year and never had that issue, so then she told her boss and her boss came over and explained even more to us and we were fine with it after his explanation. Before all this happened we ordered our food and i asked for an appetizer which was the "pretzel dogs". The time was 9:20 p.m so we waited patiently as we always do, it was 9:55 p.m our appetizer wasn't even at our table yet, after 10 minutes a waiter brings a plate to our table and it was the wrong appetizer, he brought us pizza bites that we didn't even ask for, so our waitress that was taking care of our table came over and asked " didn't you order the pretzel dogs" and she realized that she corrected herself and told us she ringed the order by mistake, we told her to cancel it because they already took long time, so as we waited for our food it was 10:20p.m , my boyfriend and I decided to leave, because one hour for food for two people is too much and let me remind you we were the only two people in that section of the dining area, it wasn't even busy. So as were walking out, the waitress stops us, asking we have to pay for the alcoholic drink even though we didn't get our food. So as my boyfriend is handing her the money she says in a angrily way " you have to pay inside " i told her whats the point we didn't even receive our food, and from there we got into a huge argument where the security and the cop got involved so we ended up paying for the drink and gave the money to the manager and walked out in shock. My Boyfriend and I were SO FRUSTRATED , that waitress ruined our night out. SHE WAS HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL, I never experienced a problem at Dave&Busters till now. So DISAPPOINTED, this place was my childhood fun place and I've been coming here for total of 13 years to play and have fun but what i went through tonight i don't think i will be coming back here anytime soon, if i could i would give it 0 stars, it was just HORRIBLE."
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