Dave & Buster's Columbia

100 Columbiana Cir #5, Columbia, SC 29212

(803) 576-4800


11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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11:00 AM – 2:00 AM
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Most Recent Comments

  • "Place was busy when we showed up around 4pm on a Sunday, which is always a good sign. The wait was 30-45 mins so we walked the mall until our table was ready. We had a party of 13 so they pushed a few tables together and seated us. No napkins, no silverware, and a couple menus shy, but I figured they'd fix it. They took our drink order and the drinks came in a fair amount of time. The adult beverages we ordered took awhile though and my beer was room temperature by the time it arrived. We placed our food order and the food arrived after about 20 or so minutes and not all at once. We could tell it had sat for awhile too since nothing was hot. They advertise over a half pound of seasoned fries with their burgers and what we got was about a handful of plain fries. They still hadn't noticed we had no napkins or silverware and when we asked, they brought out three sets and cocktail napkins...three sets for thirteen people! Food was delicious though and my South Philly Burger was phenomenal. Overall it was a good experience, but with some attention to detail it could have been great. Games were fun and the kids had a great time."
  • "Service was good after waiting 20 minutes and then having to stop someone and asking if they would take our order. Appetizer was delivered along with the rest of the meals. Food was delivered quickly. My Tenderloin and Shrimp meal was disappointing, Tenderloin was over cooked and cut into small pieces. Not sure why they provided a steak knife it was not needed. The three Shrimp were the best part of the meal. The pictures on the menu look very appetizing, maybe the Chefs need to take a look. I will only return if only someone else suggest."
  • "Our experience was really good. The waitress was very patient and helpful. The manager sat us and took our drink order and the waitress took our food order. We got a little confused about buy on get one but the manager fixed it to where we got 200 token and we were still able to use the app offer on our phone. Our order was correct and it took no time to get our food. It was ok food but can't complain. The only thing I would suggest is to have kids cups with lids when children order drinks. We will be back again."
  • "The staff here is fantastic. Games were fun and balanced. Loved the bartender. Had a problem with one of the games and the guy on the floor (Sean? Shane? Shawn?) Was so nice about it and got it fixed for us. We made out like bandits. The guys here definitely deserve a pay raise. "
  • "My food was great but the service sucked!!! It took 30 minutes before we could even get our drinks ordered after ordering it took another 20 minutes to get them. Even after all that we still wanted to stay and enjoy our evening. Can't remember who our waiter was but he was not friendly and didn't have any sense of urgency. The manager came over bc he noticed something was missing from our table by the way he was very nice and friendly. He went to the back and came out immediately with our drink orders and food made me think that our WAITER just had our food and drinks just sitting. Not cool didn't really enjoy anything about our waiter. This place needs organization and if waiters are being trained then their trainer needs to be assisting then at all times. Please advise your staff that the atmosphere should be fun and enjoyable and I didn't any of that from my waiter."

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