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741 Haywood Rd, Greenville, SC 29607

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  • "Large selection of Mexican food, and decently priced. Good place for the whole family, or even large party."
  • "I work at Don Pablo's and it makes me kinda upset that a lot people rate it badly. It seems like a lot of people either go on a busy night when it's really stressful for the waiters with all their tables. Unfortunately when a waiter or waitress has like 5 other tables it's very hard to keep up with all of them. The longest wait I've ever had to put people on was 20 min but that was because they were a big party. It also seems that people don't understand when we have at least 50 other people in the building that have ordered food it does take awhile to get it out. And in direct response to John Harrison, we have never had one server on. Again, one person to 14 other people. It will get hectic. Either people complain about being on a wait (which helps the servers and waiters/waitresses get caught up) or their food taking too long. As for being rude, all of the employees are very kind to their customers. Usually the kindness isn't returned. I have worked there for 4 months and in that short time have had drinks, food, and various other things thrown on or at me with no apology by customers. Dealing with rude people can darken anyone's mood. It's very hard to keep a smile when you have coke dripping from your clothes while your manager apologizes to the person who threw it on you. The food is very good, I eat there almost all the time. The kitchen staff is very good at their job. P.S we don't have a microwave ;)"
  • "We absolutely love it!! Yes , they're might be a bad night, but 99% of the time they are great! We love all of the staff and if their is a problem they are quick to take care of us!! "
  • "I love the food, fresh, the guacamole is the best in Greenville!! Great service, the waiters/waitresses are always pleasant."
  • "Food was good as well as service. There may be someone at the register who is skimming credit cards for fraudulent use... Two days after going to the Greenville, SC location, there was a small charge in Sapphire, NC at the Amsterdam Hotel for 55 cents, and immediately after, an attempt at Macy's King Of Prussia, Pa for 829.98 on my card. I only used this credit card on vacation for this dinner and never went to Sapphire, NC. I couldn't use this card for the rest of my vacation because of this, and am pretty sure it was compromised at this restaurant. I went there for dinner July 22, 2015 for dinner."

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