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2916 Knoxville Center Dr, Knoxville, TN 37924

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  • "My 5 year old was served CONTAMINATED FOOD and our service was VERY POOR! My family of 4 traveled through Knoxville on a day trip and stopped in to dine. We lived in Knoxville before and have enjoyed this location many times. However, this time was vastly different from all others. We arrived for an early dinner right at 5pm. Our waitress (Brittany) took our orders as usual. Around 5:30 pm, we were asked our order again by the general manager and a hostess at separate times. We were told our waitress quit suddenly and left. I then noticed the other 6 tables had not received their food orders either, yet they were seated before us. Finally, 45 min after we placed our order, our food came out. However, my son's hamburger was chopped all to pieces. There was barely any meat to cover the bun. I asked the (new) waitress if this was how their kid burgers were served, to which she was stunned over the appearance. She returned the burger for the kitchen staff to cook another. One of the cooks returned to deliver the new burger. My son ate it happily while we finished our meal. The general manager brought our check with the burger taken off and our check discounted by 50% (his choice). We paid and left. This morning, my son woke up complaining of a stomach ache and cramping. He then vomited the burger that he ingested 14 hours before. His symptoms match what the FDA describes as "food poisoning." He cannot keep down any food or liquids. (Please note that my son also has special needs and is unable to communicate if something tastes "funny" or is in pain.) We were already aggravated at the lack of customer service and unprofessionalism of the entire staff at the restaurant. However, the contamination of a child's meal that we asked to remake, whether intentional or not, is INEXCUSABLE!!! "
  • "Worst food I have have had in a long time. Party of five and everyone was unsatisfied with the taste and quality of their food. My carnitas smelled and tasted like wet dog. I will never return to this place"
  • "this was the worse service and food i ever had from there ....what the hell happened??? i got the burrito chicken bowl started eating it got 2 little pieces of chicken..on the menu it said layers of spicy chicken...were did the chicken go out the window plus it tasted nasty...waitress never came to refill our drinks didnt ask us how our meal was...i left it there it sucked...never go back there again..."
  • "Don Pablo's is the greatest Mexican restaurant. I grew up on the food, sadly they closed all of the Columbus, Ohio locations. There is, however locations about an hr or 2 away from me and its worth every bit of the drive. Can't wait to try out this location in TN when I go on vacation in a few weeks. ((:"
  • "There was hardly any customer, took them 20 mins to acknowledge we were here to even take a drink order than almost a hour for everything afterwards this is my second trip to this location and will be my last....."

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