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Chili's Grill & Bar

903 W McDermott Dr, Allen, TX 75013

(972) 727-1004
11:00 AM – 10:30 PM
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  • "Chili's is a OK restaurant but tonight we had chicken crispers and some were over cooked and some under. The ear of corn had way to much pepper and couldn't eat it. Not a good night in the kitchen and Tammy our server was slow to our needs. Never asked if I needed water food up slow and she totaled up our bill without asking if we wanted any dessert. Usually Chili''s food and service is good. Not tonight."
  • "Actually had a great visit this time. I have avoided this particular Chili's due to poor service and food preparation in the past. Ended up with a great waitress named Jamie, and she changed my mind. She was awesome and offered great suggestions. The food was also served hot, and the cook tonight did an awesome job. I will return."
  • "We've had our ups and downs with Chilis over the years - a real love / hate relationship. From SUPER slow service to amazing servers we enjoyed like family, we've had a sampling of every level of service over the years and always continued to go back. Our kids are addicted to the chips and salsa and the "two for" dinner, formerly two for twenty, now two for twenty-two, so we keep coming back. No one makes a grilled chicken sandwich with honey mustard like Chili's, or Sunrise burger with grassfed beef. Yes, we eat at Chili's a LOT,to go and dine-in house. you name it, we WERE regulars, until tonight. I will not go back. Tonight was the last straw. From being seated at a dirty table, to a server who looked at us like a dear in headlights as she threw our flatware down on a dirty table which we had to ask to be cleaned, to a server with ZERO menu knowledge, (I'm 99% sure she's never eaten one thing on the menu), to waiting 40 minutes with no food, we're done. After FORTY minutes we told a manager. The restaurant was practically empty so I can't imagine why no one cared to check on us. After FORTY minutes my husband went to the manager to tell her his steak was ordered rare, so if its been sitting up there this long it is overcooked. The manager came to the table and threw "I'll buy you a dessert if you're still hungry when you're done" at us, still without food. She said she was just about to bring our dinner out to us but since we asked for a manager she came to talk to us first. After my husband telling her he didn't want his steak overcooked she let the food come out withered, overcooked, roasted under heat lamps for God knows how long. The corn was shriveled up like dried corn on a Thanksgiving centerpiece. The steak barely had pink left. The potatoes had a dried crust on top. The food had just been sitting for who knows how long. The food quality was not the kitchen's fault. The food quality was the team of servers and management who let it sit, and sit, without taking it out. Worse, was the fact that this was brought to the manager's attention and she admitted to overseeing it and SHE let it come out of the kitchen like it was. It's insulting. We won't' be back. My son, who was starving, left without food and in tears. Never mind that we were hungry. I could've cooked a full dinner in the time we waited. At least we would've eaten. Next time I'll remember how long it took when we long for Chili's two-for dinner and i'll drive to the store. We won't go back and I'll grill at home."
  • "We as a family and had great service and fairly good food. Definitely recommend now that the menus and all have been updated"
  • "Food and staff are wonderful, great for families too"
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