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209 Central Expy N, Allen, TX 75013

(214) 383-6864
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  • "The service was terriblly slow. This seems to be the norm at this location not just Sunday mornings. We where told up front the servers were running behind but they far exceeded the estimate. They should be prepared for the Sunday morning crowd. The food was good which did somewhat make up for the slow service. The slow service will be taken into consideration before the next visit."
  • "I'm a blues singer and musician so third shift food service or lack thereof is what I have to deal with. This place has a good server or two and one good cook. This is one of the worst Denny's I've been to. Now mind you, I've been going to them for almost 25 years. Also I grew up in the restaurant business cutting chicken in the kitchen for my dad at age nine. So I know how customers should be treated and this store is failing. Do not go here. -C.T."
  • "Been here before multiple times and no problems, but we went the other day and had a lot of problems. Our server had trouble understanding the dishes on the menu, she took 55 minutes to fulfill our order, and the restaurant was pretty empty at the time. Families came after us and got their food before us. I beleive the server was pretty prejudice. Don't plan on coming back unless they educate their staff and hire some decent people. "
  • "This is by far the worst Denny's and we will never be back. We understand some days are off but the past 3 times have been awful. Last time we walked in to chaos and a crowd of unhappy customers by the front door so we left to chose another place to have breakfast. That was not a good sign. We went back today, put our name on the list and stood outside to wait as the front was crowded. We went back in 5 min later and was told our name had already been called yet no one made an attempt to call names to anyone waiting outside. Once finally seated we waited 20 min for a waitress to finally show up and then another 15 before our drinks were brought out, without the water we requested. After 40 min we finally had drinks. Another 30 min in and we requested a server change. The tables around us were equally unhappy as the tables of strangers were bonding over the appalling experience we were each enduring. Our food finally arrived but was not cooked as requested. Seeing as how we had been here an hour and a half at this point we just ate it as is. We were also told by our new waitress our service sucked because our original waitress had worked the overnight shift and was now working a was noon. This implied poor management skills. We received our ticket and were double charged for an item and had to wait at the front for 10 min before someone showed up to work the register. We asked about comment cards and were told they were behind us and we asked "in the empty bin?" Yes, yes the empty bin and then we were dismissed. I strongly recommend avoiding this location at all costs if you plan on having a pleasant or enjoyable meal experience. "
  • "The worst Dennys ever they take an hour to take ur order, stupid employees, the are rude and lazy people..... don’t waste ur time coming here...."
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