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BreWingZ On The Fly

9900 South IH-35 Service Rd SB, Bldg 42, Austin, TX 78747

(512) 394-6728
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  • "I tried this for the first time through an order on Groupon, and we had had the food delivered to us. Fell in love with the food from the first bite of the pickle chips! The place hasn't been open for too long, less than a year, but it's already my favorite go-to spot for a quick bite in the afternoons. We love the daily specials, especially the 2×1 Boneless Wednesdays. Their selection if sauces are great, my favorite being the Honey BBQ and the Lemon Pepper Hot!! Their ranch sizes are great, as the medium is enough for one person on a large meal. Nothing but sweet staff who are super attentive and really go out of their way to make sure you get everything you need in the bag before you leave. They even placed my multiple ranch on a cup holder which was the best. 👌👌👌👌"
  • "Freakishly small wings. This is not hyperbole. I was genuinely surprised to see wings this small even existed. The pic with the dude's pinky finger for comparison is spot on! This wouldn't even be that bad if there were more per meal/order - nope, they're charging what everyone else does for wings twice this size... Fries weren't much more than spiral-cut, grease mush. Even the blue cheese just tasted like some watery, sysco, school cafeteria sauce. Overall, it was just bad! I don't normally write reviews, but I don't want to see anyone else waste their money. You could literally just go anywhere else for wings and be better off."
  • "We ordered this place because we were trying something new. We got it delivered and let me tell you we ordered 50 bonless wings that were supposed to be half original and half bbq and some mozzarella sticks. The food order was wrong everything was original. the chicken was like eating tendons super gross tasted undercooked. the mozzarella sticks were not good they. overall I ended up returning all the food. this place is disgusting do not eat here"
  • "We tried out today for first time. 3 employees were working and no one else was eating. They were very friendly and very informative about the menu. We ordered the wing basket. This comes with 6 boneless wings for $5. We then sat down and waited on our meal. 20 minutes later we got our food. The wings size is a joke. The nuggets were half the size of my thumb. I would be embarrassed if I worked here and served this in the basket tray they give you. Now the fries filled up the basket. So you get a drink and fries for $2. That was the better deal of this order. I love wings, but not returning here for the portion of food to the price you pay. The chicken serving was maybe worth $1. Mc Donald's chicken nuggets are a better value. So why the 3 stars and not one. People were nice, place was clean, and food tasted good."
  • "2.5 actually...the staff was ok but very unprofessional when we first arrived. Too busy socializing next to customer tables to make sure the order is right. We ordered 30 wings boneless. They all came bone-in, then when pointed out we were forced to wait another 10 minutes to get the right wings with only an appetizer card for our next visit to compensate....we don't even live near here! I could have taken the messed up wings with a discount or taken them home since it was their mistake! So now we're unhappy, paid full price to wait 35 minutes and won't even get to use the appetizer what did we get? Really?"
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