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“It is an old shopping center but clean and spacious. It has stores like Ross, Hobby Lobby and Target among others, as well as small markets with a variety of things. During the week there are fewer people. I found it very nice.It's an older shopping center, but no less nice. It is very spacious and clean. I really enjoyed walking and exploring its nooks and crannies and I even came across places like a skating rink. There are different small stores ranging from clothing repair to a store selling old video game consoles.I haven't been on the weekend, I imagine it must be a little more crowded. In any case, I really like it because it is outside the conventional shopping center and if you are in the area you can walk around this particular place for a while.”

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“Amazing. It’s so great how many cool things are in such a small area so it’s easy to do a lot of sightseeing in a short amount of time. If you can splurge to stay in a hotel on river walk do so. Note: most places seem to not accept cash. Come prepared with a cardRestrooms: The one downside there’s only one public one for whole area. so be prepared to spend money if you want to use a bathroom. It’s the one short sided design area of this whole thing… There should be more public washrooms. Even if you have already gone to a restaurant, had a drink with r two and used the washroom while you were there, it would be nice if you didn’t have to buy more stuff elsewhere to just use a washroom an hour or two later.”

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“beautiful area ... love the old buildings and water features. couple of things I didn't like is that everything is overpriced and some of the employees were either snobby or just unhappy to be there... in particular an ice-cream shop called lick, no happy greeting and definitely no happy smiles. this doesn't represent San Antonio as this is a tourist destination and they are more or less an ambassador for San Antonio.”

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“I stop here every time I'm in town. Fun to look at all the bright colors and things to buy. I was pleased to find some ceramics by local artisans, in amongst the imports from Mexico and elsewhere.”

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“An open, clean mall with good store options, the rotation of brands in the stores is constantly seen, surely due to the price of rent, a Burlington will soon open, good in general terms. Although full of tourists”

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“I love ❤️ going to STRIC, they are so wonderful +caring. I like this location called the Boutique cause you're in+out so quickly without a long wait. Easy access.”

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“I got to go to The Bread Box on a day date and it was so cute! We loved each of our meals. The staff was super attentive, helpful, and friendly even though we got there around 2pm. After that we walked around to check out the shops and it was great to see some of the fun items at these shops. To end our time there, we stopped at Vintage Wine Bar for a drink and a snack. The staff there was very attentive as well, but chill which was perfect for the environment. We were surprised to be served great wine without breaking the bank! Overall, our time at The Alley was well enjoyed and we'll definitely be back again!”

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“A large variety of everything that you might be looking for, even some things you weren't looking for. Very friendly workers. Customer service to me is the top of everything, and they have it. I come from way on the other side of the city (Rigsby and 410). But I look forward to going to trader Joe's. I will be going back many times.”

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“HEB Lincoln Heights has better produce than my nearest HEB and the don't run out of my favorite things. They also know the difference between sirloin and round tip.”

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“We really enjoyed visiting North Star Mall. It had a great vibe, easy to walk thru it and there was something to look at for everyone. Parking was covered by Dillard's. It was easy to get to.”

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“Michael's always has a great inventory of paints and brushes as well as the canvases needed for big or small art projects. Office Max has great supplies for home school or office as well as shipping and packaging needs.”

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“Super cute store !! Took a trip to San Antonio from Houston and the lady was so nice this was one of the only stores I really wanted to go to and I'm so happy I did Really cute unique gifts and little nick nacks , would definitely recommend going to if your visiting SA !!”

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“All day shoppppppppiiiinnnnggggg La Cantera is nestled on the northwest side of San Antonio just off 1604 & I-10. I entered from the north side of the shops which included a view of the Six Flags quarry and La Cantera resort. After finding a parking spot near Nordstorm's, I set on my adventure to find a specific dress. What I didn't realize is how spread out the center is in the area. When I parked, I wondered how I was going to get to Macy's from Nord. Thank goodness for good walking shoes. I spent the day hitting the anchors - Macys, Dillard, Neiman's, Nordstrom - plus Clarks, Chicos, and places in-between. I really should have pulled up a map, but did enjoy wondering what was around the corner - to find little surprises like Warby Parker & Kendra. Why 4 stars? Because I didn't have a map, I didn't naturally see where to get a snack. I do believe that some restaurants are on the outside and I vaguely remember a few drink options and a candy spot. Next time, I should pay attention to food signage (that I don't recall seeing). It also gets 4 stars for the was difficult and it was not a holiday weekend. I do not know what the solution is, but I am sure there is an engineer out there - she has a solution! I really enjoyed this shopping adventure.”

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“I miss Twin Sisters, a bunch, however, there are other places we like to visit there. Baskin Robbins, one of my father's favorite places for a nostalgic milk shake, is always so kind and delicious!”

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“All lash techs are wonderful but Theresa is FANTASTIC. She pays attention to detail with my lashes, and makes sure to always point out any concerns she sees. Making sure my eye health is above putting lashes on. She'll guide you if you have any questions. The room and environment is relaxing, clean, and welcoming. GO SEE TERRY!”

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“You want to spend a pleasant time in the company of your family and friends, come here, you will not regret it and you will find what you need both for yourself and for the home, this place fills you with good vibes with exquisite music and delicious tacos. ..”

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“It's a cute little historic village, but by 5:00 p.m. on a Friday night everything was closed. Did you have great restrooms that are open to the public throughout the village”

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“The first time I went to a Hallmark Cards in a long time, I found just the perfect cards. People were Super friendly, I'll definitely go back. I make my own cards, and I'll still purchase from them”

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“Terri at the Barber Shop is simply the best Barber I've ever had.When I visit though, it's quite evident that all of the other Barbers have amazing following.Great place to get your ears lowered!”

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“Nice little strip center. Went in to mail package at ups employee are always friendly. My dog need a new harass and some treats so stopped in at fefe and fido's great customer service found perfect harness & treats that dog liked. I'm not sure of other shops in center but there is a Satel's men's suit shop that suppose to be a good place to buy suits I need a new suit I will check it out. If you go by this center stop by not sure what else is in there but I remember a restaurant.”

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“Took my mom here at the Navy Federal Bank and the location isn’t bad at all! Glad they moved it closer and no longer have to travel far! Place is kept nice and clean. Staff was attentive and friendly. There was no wait time. We went in and got back out quick !!!”

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“First time to this store, foys it white looking for another store. OMG they have so much to look at and choose from and pri escare great. Love having everything in one store”

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“Located on the northwest corner of 1604 and Braun Road it looks like there's only one way to get here coming south on 1604 but you can come in the back way off of Braun Road by the dollar store and hit every store in the place including the Salvation Army at the top of the hill!”

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“Visit the unformed shop the great selection great service and friendly staff. Willing to help try out outfits.. family business and own.. well go back soon .. great value too...”

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“I went to Michael's to start a project but I didn't find what I needed but they had other cool stuff go check it out but of course Five Below always has cool stuff go get your Eclipse sunglasses two bucks can't beat it”

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“Visited the Frost bank at Crowne point on a Saturday morning, ample parking space and great service at the bank. Can't say about the other shops I only visited the bank.”

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“Customer service is always so friendly. Some of the best Cajun eats on this side of town. The white fish and cabbage are a must. Sitting is great and clean. Tables never feel sticky. It's never too noisy. Pricing is reasonable and matches the portions.”

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