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  • "Waitresses seem polite in general. The one that served me was okay, but a bit loud-mouthed at the register (kinda threw me off with the 1st impression) When my plate came, i was shocked to see how large it was.. definitely would recommend coming here. I ate here at 8 in the morning and was still full until 6pm, which speaks volumes about the quality of food (personally for someone who gets hungry every 2-3 hours). Their hot chocolate & pancakes were delicious!"
  • "Don't bother asking for food to be cooked a certain way, e.g. well done, because they always just prepare it the way they want. Food was good. Waitress could have been more attentive. Once she delivered the food, she should have asked if we needed anything else but she didn't... Promised to bring butter...never did."
  • "Of the three close to us. ( Downtown Dallas ) This one holds steady at overall best in service. Cleanliness and consistency. Still it is a Denny's."
  • "I had a hard day with my family, I came in mad at the world. The waitress to real good care of me - late night service was fast - clean and on time. My time alone - made all my mind and heart clear - it became a joyful time in my heart. LA White Los Angeles California"
  • "Just wanted a good bowl of oatmeal and toast. It was cold. I was never ask how was my meal."

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