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Waffle House is a fast-food restaurant chain born in the United States. It boasts 1,882 locations in 25 states, most of them being located in the South, were it is known as a cultural icon. Founded in 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia by Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner, the core concept of the restaurant is to have fast food delivery speed, combined with table service and around-the-clock availability. The chain is named like so because the Waffles were, at the start of the restaurant, the most profitable item of the original 16-item menu styled for breakfast and dinner cuisine.

The Waffle House is a cultural icon in the south. It has inspired country songs, tales, editorials, and also appeared in the movie Tin Cup. It is a fast-food restaurant cherished by many people. It also has participated and actively participates in many disaster recovery programs across southern US, in which they help with the delivery of fresh food and ice to families that were displaced of their homes.

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