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Firestone Complete Auto Care

11520 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 406-7662
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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Most Recent Comments

  • "This place is great. They know me and take care of me, with a smile. Great communication and advice. I've tried other Firestones and the service is just not the same. The manager Jack is one of the best customer service leaders I've ever met."
  • "Positives: I was grateful that they were able to look at my car on such short notice. The guy(s) who I spoke to on the phone were super nice and helpful. I came in an hour early, thinking I'd just be dropping it off, but they did the alignment right then and there. It was roughly only 30 minutes, so I was done before my appointment time. Negatives: The girl at the front counter wasn't very friendly. I wanted to discuss another issue the car was having and she wasn't interested in speaking with my about it. (Sounds like declining an opportunity to make more money, maybe that's just me. Just take a peak and see if there is a way I can spend more money with you, I just gave you the invitation.) Instead she talked to me like I didn't know what I was talking about, but I had been dealing with the issue for quite awhile and had worked in a shop myself, so I wouldn't say I'm ignorant with cars. However, she did come off as a little green. I spent my waiting time handling other tasks that needed to be done. When my car was done early (which again is a positive), I was still on the phone. My head is shaved on one side, the phone was one the shaved side, so it would be very hard for her not to notice that I was on the phone. She kept trying to get me to come over and check out anyway, "your car's done... your car's alignment is done... your car is ready." So I rushed off the phone and checked out. As we barely went over the information, I got the feeling she didn't mention my concern to the mechanic. I asked where they parked my car, they said outside the door in the parking lot. But it was at the end of the row of cars, instead of in some of the open spots that were closer. Not too big of a deal, but just made the experience a little worse. I think what would have made this a 100% positive experience and made me want to come back would be to have the mechanic who would be working on my car check me in and out. So they first hand know my concerns and can talk to me about the work they did. Not a horrible experience, but I don't have any intention on returning."
  • "We've used firestone for years. Appreciate their attention to detail and willingness to work within our budget. "
  • "I've heard mixed stories about this place but tried it out anyways. I had decent service, but should have called in or an apointment as it took a while to get my car serviced. The great thing about this place is that they offer free tests such as air pressure, tire inspection, and battery testing. So it makes for a good preventative maintance stop which I implore people to take action with. All too often it's easy to just assume your car is safe and road ready. "
  • "I stopped by to get a waiver for my vehicle they could not help me they were busy I'm sure it will take them 5 minutes "
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