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12608 120th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034

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  • "Fun place to jam out and appreciate musical instruments. They have sound barriers for various rooms and parts of the store where you can test and experiment. The staff are always friendly and able to assist with questions and whatnot. Great place! Come when they're having a sale!"
  • "Like any service or venue, what you get depends on how you use it & what you expect. The measure of good retail is service, and I want that service to be courteous, prompt, forward-moving, and of course competitive with the existing market. Kirkland GC has been all these things, regardless of which employee or department I've dealt with. Returns, recommendations, internet purchases -- I figure they'll get tired of me eventually, but it hasn't happened yet. Definitely recommended for first-time purchasers & experienced musicians alike"
  • "I've gotten a few guitars from here, but the customer service isn't very good. Obviously, guitars are expensive, so you want to choose wisely and waste as little money as possible, but I've found that some employees will do pretty much anything for extra money. I was looking for a bass and a distortion pedal so I went there and found two basses I liked, the employee said I could bring the bass back the next day to exchange it if I wasn't satisfied and said they'd reserve the other bass for me just in case. I went back the next day and big surprise but that exact employee said they had sold all of that bass they had in stock. I went along cause the bass I got was still pretty decent and I asked about distortion pedals. I just wanted a single button one added and removed distortion, but the employee showed me a different one with two buttons for "distortion" and a pedal that works as a "wawa pedal". I bought it because it was a decent price but when i got home and used it, all it had was reverb and some robot noise. I went back to return it, but they wouldn't let me because I had opened it. Overall, I didn't have a good experience."
  • "These guys have put up with a lot from me; I've returned plenty of used items to get something else. Which is fantastic for someone trying to figure out what may or may be what they need/want. Only when I'm pretty sure do I buy new, and of course they have that too. Yeah, sometimes the service is slow -- no surprise when you've got to compete with the internet & still pay an overhead. And sometimes they don't have a repair guy. But my experience there has always been positive & helpful; only in a physical store can you try something out, hearing for yourself the difference between one item & another before buying. And only at GC can you buy a used item & bring it back in 30 days for store credit. Are they experts? Not necessarily, but they certainly know what they know, and try to help. A customer should always research anyway -- if only to understand why a certain item or answer may or may not be right for you. That's always the kind of customer who's going to have the best shopping experience. I used to avoid GC, but I've found them to be a consistently valuable resource, and this to be a good location."
  • "For drum gear it's ok in a pinch but Donn Bennett is sooooo much better. I found the staff at Guitar Center to be hit or miss. Some were very friendly, some helpful, some seemed irritated, some clueless about drum stuff. The drum area is usually not staffed at all so you have to go find someone to drag back there if you need help. Also the staff seemed to be all young guys which is fine except a couple of them gave me the "what are YOU doing here" vibe (I'm a middle aged woman just learning drums) I still go here if I need to pick up something small like when I had to replace a couple of rusty tension rods on a used kit. But that's only because they are closer to me. For all things drumming Donn Bennett in Bellevue has been a godsend. They are so friendly and helpful and knowledgeable...I can't say enough good things about them."

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