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11318 NE 124th St, Kirkland, WA 98034

(425) 821-8384


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  • "Have you ever wanted to feel the thrills of a run in with the law? Did you enjoy Oceans 11? Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a hardened criminal, like me, Hardened McCriminal? Have you ever wanted some random mall cop to insist you come into his shady back room so he can really thoroughly search you? We'll strap in, I've got a story for you. I had gone to Sally's Beauty Supply a couple times before because I didn't know that Fred Meyer exists and I hate having money. Today, I made the cardinal sin of entering the store and leaving without buying anything, partially because I didn't want to pay double for something I could get literally anywhere else. After leaving the store and going next door, I was followed by their private security and accosted (in that other store). He demanded that me and everyone with me turn out our pockets because at least *someone* (he had apparently forgotten who) had stolen *something* (he had evidently forgotten what) and we were all "guilty by association". We were then all summarily kicked out of the store next door by a women who didn't want a middle school production of Law and Order to be performed in her fine establishment. After we were kicked out, this regular Sherlock Holmes fellow accused us of stealing some more and demanded that we come back to "get searched". I had a couple kind words with him about the likelihood of this actually happening, and he suddenly decided that it was fine, and that we didn't steal anything after all. But it doesn't end there. This man was never going to give up (again, anyway). I went to the grocery store for groceries, hardened criminal that I am, and admired their great selection of beauty supplies all at shockingly low prices! I bought some groceries, because there's only so much stealing you can do in one day. The, I made the rookie mistake of walking to my car (which I also stole from Sally's Beauty Supply in Kirkland) at which point the eagle-eyed one man security team spotted me and decided to come out again, plastic sheriff badge and all. Evidently he had overturned his verdict after conferring with himself after many a sleepless night and decided that one of us probably definitely might have stolen something, and we are not allowed back ever again. After getting over the emotional trauma of not being allowed to pay too much for a small selection of mediocre products, I decided to renounce my life of crime and live on the straight and narrow. Thanks, Sally Beauty Supply!"
  • "this store is downright racist. my friend and her two friends went in to look at eyelashes, but didnt buy any after seeing the expensive prices, then were followed by a security guard and banned from the store for NO REASON, and the only kid they did not search for stealing was the white kid. incredibly friend was left devastated for the discrimination towards her and her friend. shopping at this store is wrong unless they makeup for their actions and apologize to all hurt in the process."
  • "Looked a little bit too long at their eyelash display, realized they didn’t have the style I wanted and that their prices were much higher than other places nearby, and left. Was followed into a nearby store by a security guard who demanded I “give back what I stole” and then looked through my pockets. I’ve shopped here on multiple occasions with my mother and though their customer service was never good, this experience was horrifying. There are plenty of other beauty supply stores nearby, save yourself the trouble of dealing with their miserable and rude staff and go to one of the many better-priced and politely-staffed stores in downtown Bothell."
  • "I've been shopping at this store for years. Decent selection, Lake Forest location has brtter customer service for sure. But today I walked in at 5:51, which yes, I realize they close at 6, buy I can't get there before 11 on Sundays or during the week. And the customer service person informed me "you know we are just about to close". If you don't want people coming in until 6, close earlier. For record- I knew exactly what I was looking for, was out by 5:57 and her comment only made me want to take my sweet time."
  • "Horrible and somewhat embarrassing experience at two different Sally's within the area including this location! The image included clearly states Sally's "love it or return it" policy! Clearly their employees don't understand it! I'm calling corporate after posting this review. They wouldn't honor the return policy even after I called customer service and had them send the original receipt information!! The clerk told me that without the physical original receipt it could not be returned only exchanged! She made the comment read the receipt! Seems to me she needs to read the receipt. They said that store credit cannot be given!! As a "valued" customer I was appalled and irritated even more so because something so simple took nearly a hour to resolve! She continued to state that I need to go back to the store I purchased it from!"

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