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2701 184th St SW #108b, Lynnwood, WA 98037

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  • "This is a great store in a great location. There was a wonderful older gentleman who helped me pick out a gin for a gift. However when I got to the check out there was a younger gentleman that almost seemed upset when he carded me and saw I was of age and he couldn't get me in trouble or anything. He then was in a less than pleasant demeanor for the remainder of our interaction. I work in customer service. I expect a 'thank you' and 'have a great day'. What I got was a 'here' as he shoved my bag at me. The stars are entirely for the older gentleman, he was wonderful to work with. The younger man working the register should have to go through kindness training as I would have given him negative stars."
  • "They have so many labels of almost anything you can imagine to drink. We went this time for BSB, Brown Sugar Bourbon, and it was incredible. They also almost always have a tasting of something going on which we like. Sometimes we buy it and sometimes we don't, but it is really nice to find something you like you would never have bought because they had tasting and felt more comfortable spending the money. Everyone is helpful and they have party supplies and unique gifts and glasses. I could spend hours browsing in this store. OH they sell cigars which are kept in a glassed room if you like a cigar with your libation."
  • "People who work here are so excitable and smart! The selection is great and SO well organized. I especially appreciate the end caps with recommendations and highly-rated wines. Also, rumor has it, they sell some good cheap hard alcohol. One guy called it an "adult candy shop" today. Amen."
  • "Chain store offering a wide variety of wines, beers, and liquors. They offer wine and beer tastings on what appears to be a daily basis, but I know for certain on Fridays and the weekends. If they don't have your favorite, ask and they might be able to get it. That said, here's a dirty little secret regarding beer distribution. It's all controlled by a select few distributors and they very specifically control what beer goes where. Your favorite brand might be available, but Total Wine (or any store for that matter) can only request additional selections based on what the distributor have determined should be available to that region. It's all about controlling selection and forcing sales of big name beers (Bush, Coors, etc) by limiting options. That's not Total Wine's fault, but still frustrating because of how very anti consumer it is. In any case, great selection, great service (for the most part). Check it out."
  • "This place is ah-maze-zing! Fair prices on a crazy selection of booze, beer, and cider. You'll find it all, from Budweiser to tiny breweries in other states; their selection in liquor, wine, and beer cannot be beat. I know some great bartenders with amazing distributor connections who still find things here they can't beat through their sources... Was shocked to learn that. (Though it is the exception rather than the rule... A well connected bartender is always going to get better stuff at better prices than us regular Joe's.) The only problem with this place is my inability to go buy just one thing. 😀"

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