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“Terry was incredible to work with even though our roadside assistance was not. He was understanding and got the job done. We highly recommend him! He really looks out for the customer!”

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“My wife bought a used SUV from Helmuth and later she found a couple of small things wrong and then the SUV had a major wiring problem from the factory. Even though this was a used SUV and NONE of these problems were the fault of Helmuth Ford they stood behind all the repairs and their service manager and technician was both helpful and knowledgeable. On the whole Helmuth was more than fair to work it. I would highly recommend Helmuth Ford to anyone looking for a vehicle or looking for service.”

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“We had no idea why we were rapidly losing air after filling up a tire on our vehicle, thought possibly the valve stem. We were camping, woke up to head into town and low tire light was. We thankfully found this place while they were closing. They didn’t huff about the time or helping us, charged a more than fair price and quickly and professionally patched where a screw had been ran over. I would highly recommend Phelps! Thank you, again!”

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