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“I can't believe I wasted years using Walgreens when this pharmacy was right next door. The customer service here is excellent, and I would much rather support a local business. The pharmacist noticed that I was prescribed an antibiotic which I might have an allergy to, and requested that I double check it. Turns out it was perfectly fine, but the fact that they cared enough to ask the question and were that thorough will make me a customer for life. Thank you for being a cut above the rest!”

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“Cole is an exceptional interior designer. His store offers a wide variety of styles that will brighten any home. He has an eye for the most intricate pieces that will tell your story.”

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“Carlee was the best at assisting me in finding the perfect decor for my apartment. She was attentive & has the best customer service. Everything I purchased worked perfectly, she definitely has an eye for detail. She is an incredible asset to Ivy & Stone!”

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“Excellent choice of products throughout the mall in one spot. At least that's how it seems. Check it out and tell me I'm wrong. Be sure to check the barber next door that's easily overlooked.”

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“Tons and tons of wonderful plants and garden decor to choose from. If you enjoy gardening, now is a great time to go here because they still have fully stocked shelves of plants on a deep discount. On the inside, they have plenty of indoor home decor as well. Absolutely worth a visit!”

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“This is the Hobby Lobby to go to. The employees are more helpful and more informed than the one in Shreveport. The Shreveport one may be a little bit bigger, but it can't make up for the difference in staffing.”

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“Had an awesome experience here. They were helpful without being pushy. Tom helped us out originally, and when we came back on his off day, Randy helped us. Both were very kind and respectful. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly. I highly recommend coming to this location and speaking to either of these kind gentlemen.”

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“I’ve known Heather for only a short while, but her creative eye is amazing. She sees shots and angles I’ve never seen before & I love working with her just as a person too! If you’re looking for portraits, maternity photos, family photos, or any other photography needs, then you’ve got to give Heather a call to see what all the hype is about!!”

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“Ok so I was in the kitchen isle specifically by the cutting boards. I went to ask Mrs Theresa a question when Mrs Theresa asked some kids to pick up some toys they dropped on the floor mind you these kids were running around the store all Mrs Theresa said in a proffesional nice tone was exscuse me guys can u pick up the toys please . Then a lady was being very rude and didn’t even have to catch an attitude was saying don’t talk to my children I’m right her speak to me not my children mind you if I was a parent which I’m not I would teach my kids not to come up in a store acting out then the lady started raising her voice making a scene kept going on about you don’t have to talk to them and saying that’s Mrs Teresa doesn’t have to act like that which the only thing she was doing was being polite and professional then the lady was over here saying I’m gonna talk to the manager then she proceeded to say that’s why you work here that’s why u make minimum wage that’s right there was a nasty move Mrs Teresa was just doing her job and it’s stuck up people like this that cause people to lose their jobs you are a parent control your kids!!!! I told the manager my side of the story because I’m not fixing to let someone with a nasty attitude cause this women to lose her job over a parent that could of controlled her kids.”

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