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“My first class at 202strong was just right ~ Maddie explained the StrongCircuit strength & circuit class I'd signed up for that day, the equipment needed, safe/correct form, and she gave some much appreciated encouragement along the way. 202 is a Friendly community and a special place to connect and grow. I highly recommend!”

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“Healthy Baller has been an incredible experience. I am a D1 College Diver who has struggled with overall conditioning as well as poor shoulder mobility and range of motion. After a few weeks of seeing Dr. Sweezey, I have made significant progress especially in being able to get my arms over my head for the first time since I was 12. I can definitely say I feel more than prepared going into my junior year of college and will recommend Healthy Baller to my teammates and friends. Thank you!!”

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“I train with their weightlifting club (mach 10) every weekend. Lifting with such a strong, supportive group has greatly improved not only my total but also my confidence and health. Plus, they've got some sweet Eleiko equipment.”

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“Loved it. Big clean well equipped facility. Effective coaching. And then Taz recommended a Thai place that positively slapped. Wanna know it? Gotta visit the gym.”

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“Been going for a few months now at $50/m. - access to all gyms in area- always kept very clean, and things seem to be maintained well (sauna wasn’t working when I joined but quickly fixed and better than ever)- 2.5 hours free parking in the area, a dollar for the next hour- gets busy at peak times where you may have to wait for a squat rack or bench- plenty of room and equipment for cardio, stretching, and personal rehab (2 sleds)- outdoor turf!”

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“After reading excellent reviews about Gene’s Fitness Center, my husband and I decided to try training here about a month ago. This is our very first fitness journey, and it exceeded all our expectations. We have been very fortunate to work with Zach. He is a very dedicated and knowledgeable trainer. Every session is different and carefully designed. Zach pays close attention to our needs and makes sure that we are comfortable. He has a great personality, and it has been such a pleasure to communicate with him. We are looking forward to each session and highly recommend this place!”

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“Best gym I've been to. Great for folk beginner and otherwise concerning Powerlifting, Olympic Lifts, or just being generally healthy. Wholeheartedly recommended. Military friendly too.”

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“Professional, friendly, CLEAN....I can go on and on. This place is my safe haven. The owners and trainers are incredibly knowledgeable, and treats everyone with respect. The workouts can be tough, but everyone always has a smile on their face - which speaks volumes. I seriously love, love, love, love, love, love being there.”

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“a lot of good hammer strength machines for upper body, (IMPORTANT) barbell are pretty bad ie the bench bars are loose and there’s barely any squat racks I think I saw 1”

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“Excellent gym, especially if you’re looking to get in shape and build muscle. The staff is awesome, especially the gentleman who works the front desk Tuesday/Thursday AM- super friendly. I see some complaints about equipment being “old”, but it doesn’t matter.. fundamentals will get you there. Arnold wasn’t exactly working on the 2020 modern equipment. Also you just can’t beat the price and Mike and the trainers are all knowledgeable”

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“It's convenient. Why, because it's open 24 hours and they have several locations. Also, it fits my budget. However, I wish they would stop emailing me every week just to ask the same questions. I really don't have time to keep participating in surveys that do not pay. I love Planet Fitness and that's it.”

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“I did a 3 month personal training program with my mom and to say I was nervous to begin with was an understatement. I was fully prepared for the worst. BUT we got the greatest trainer ever (Daniel Roa Montalvo) he completely threw out the usual gym anxiety and nervousness of going to the gym and made every workout session a blast. Although he was working with two people at very different levels (I was working on endurance and getting back to pushing myself after playing sports all through high school and working on a college schedule. While my mom was working more on mobility and introduction to equipment and exercise) he didn't miss a beat. We were both being pushed in our workouts and had fun. Honestly 10/10!! (and if you speak Spanish that's great because he also speaks Spanish too).”

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“Anytime Fitness in Rockville has an awesome atmosphere. It's kept very clean and the staff is always willing to help. I highly recommend opening a membership here.”

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“It's a little crowded now and then but for the most part it's just a normal gym. Expect to lose phone service when in there possibly and don't look at the dirty fans way up high on the ceiling. At least the equipment is maintained, the staff here are nice and walk around and talk to patrons and most people here treat the weights and machines with respect. Much better maintained LA fitness then DelMercado. I'll travel to use this one.”

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