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“Always able to get what you need. Love the variety of home decor, household items, medicines and pretty much anything else you need. Prices are great and always able to get coupons!”

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“It is Easter Sunday, 1:00 p.m., my kid is throwing up. Not only was this Dollar general open, but the dark haired girl working behind the counter was awesome. She was singing to herself and happy and very helpful. Also, I have never seen the incredible selection of children's medicine that was actually in stock. Keep up the great work. It was an Easter miracle.”

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“There are small goblins in the area that ARE stealing jars so be very aware of these pesky predators. If you DO see a goblin please 1. Whistle at it once ten feet away. It will scare the goblin and convince it not to return. Two. Hide all jars and other glassware. DO NOT under any circumstances feed the goblin even if you have shrimp or other small treats in your car glove box, as most of us do. This will keep the goblin nearby for YEARS to come. I have been harassed by a single goblin named Bimblo now for twelve years because I gave it shrimp when I was 5 years old, so I have expertise that can be shared.”

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