We help people around the United States find local businesses that fit their needs.

Who We Are

Launched by a group of individuals who truly care about helping their neighbors easily find the information they need without hassle, we are a local search engine of sorts. It is designed to make the process of finding local products and businesses much easier. Instead of searching the web for the information you need, now you can do it in one spot with Loc8NearMe.

What We Do

Our website aids in helping the average person locate restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, banks, and any other sort of retail store nearby. We have over One Million places in our database, including address, open hours, and phone number information. The data you'll find here is 100% accurate and is collected by us. Our data covers more than 100 of the most popular brands in your area, with more brands being added weekly.

Why Choose Us?

Now you can search for the nearest local business offering the product or services you want within a matter of seconds. We separate ourselves from the competition by providing always accurate information with up-to- date points of contact. Whether you need directions to the business or need to see their hours of operation, we can help. Search our database via a specific address or your current geolocation.

We look forward to helping you find what you're looking for.