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“Emma was great - friendly, kind, and helpful.The selection is good, but I feel like this doesn't vary a lot from store to store so the differences are mostly about stock, cleanliness, and the staff.This branch hit all the points.”

4.8Superb292 Reviews

“These 5 stars go to Brad. He is patient, kind and works very hard to make sure you are well taken care of. He does not complain and accepts the disastrous way Dollar General runs this store. With that said, I will complain for him. Long lines on a busy Saturday afternoon, he is the only worker present?! Really Dollar General?! Is this the way you take care of you star employees. More like taking advantage if you ask me. Brad kept his cool, did not complain, and actually accepted this without saying a word. His only goal was to help each and every person in there have a good experience. He was determined to the end. Thanks Brad you are the man, and great job! But, no thanks to the way these suits are running it. Keep your head up and we only hope your work conditions improve.”

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“This store is so much fun to walk around in. I was pleasantly surprised at the snacks, beauty care and household items. Then I was shocked to see all the items in the freezer and refrigerator, that you’d expect to see at a Walmart or Fry’s. All the food items were in good date range, I didn’t see anything expired of all the items I was browsing. That’s a really great thing about this location, it means they check the items on the shelves frequently. The lady at the front register was super friendly and fun to have small talk with as we checked out. I didn’t catch her name, but she was great! Excellent customer service at this store, with nearly fully stocked shelves. I highly recommend this location, if you’re in the area. I will surely be stopping here again when I am in town. There’s a good amount of parking and handicap parking as well.”

4.5Superb8 Reviews

“Overall its a very friendly neighborhood go to when living so far from town.Always friendly courteous help there and they are always working hard to keep the shelves stocked.”

4.2Good70 Reviews

“This is a newer and cleaner Family Dollar/Dollar Tree combo. They do a great job of keeping everything stocked and I'm always greeted up on entry into the store. Very happy this is so close to home.”

4.2Good42 Reviews

“This Family Dollar had a lot of things, even food wise, lots of snakes, cookie's, chocolates, hard candy and cake snacks, doughnuts, pastries, chips, crackers, assorted sodas, fruit drinks and some real food items. Very impressed with the selections and of course the team members without whom the store couldn't function, my thanks to all of you that work at Family Dollar, you always make my shopping very pleasurable, you keep the store clean and stocked so well and I appreciate your great customer service too.”

3.8Good30 Reviews

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