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“This store looks a little rundown and a little outdated but at least the folks there are pretty nice.This last summer I stopped there often for ice water in my thermos and they gladly obliged every time. With the new store coming in across the street I'm sure it's going to affect their business. I hope they do something to repave that parking lot. Bringing some new signage do something”

4.3 Superb20 Reviews

“The staff is always extremely helpful and you won’t get a better price on gas anywhere else. The line for the car wash is usually pretty long, but it’s no extra cost.”

4.1 Good32 Reviews

“I stop here every time I’m coming or going to the Fayetteville area if I need gas or snacks. Since there is a McDonalds here as well, I sadly will say that my snacks will normally come from there! Either way, it’s always easy and quick to get in and out.”

4 Good27 Reviews

“Nice place to stop before entering or after leaving Fayetteville. Gas is more expensive than Fayetteville city limits, and the bathrooms are nasty. However, the food is good and a wide variety of stuff to choose from on the shelves. Oh, there is a McDonald's there as well.”

3.8 Good54 Reviews

“Everytime I e visited the store, the cashiers we're always friendly, professional as well as discreet with my purchases! Prices are also no worse than anywhere else so over all I'm impressed. Business like that is rare.”

4 Good22 Reviews

“Your standard small format gas station. Has a limited assortment of beer and snacks. It’s been here forever it feels like, it’s been at least 20 years since the first time I bought gas here. I’ve never had a bad experience here, so felt that warrants a four star rating.”

4.3 Superb8 Reviews

“Great location. I'm in and out for gas or a snack in minutes. Though DONT try getting air in your tire! I told them it makes the sound but the nozzle actually made me loose air & lost my money. I was told to call the number on the air unit....”

3.9 Good10 Reviews

“Yup 5 stars why well where else can you get gas and get a great cheeseburger. Yup there's a kitchen in this gas station. If your craving biscuits and gravy they got you covered. But the best thing they have is there bacon cheeseburger and fries. Great food and a great store for all your needs. Just a hometown feel sitting inside to eat. I will be back.”

4.6 Superb4 Reviews

“I was in a terrible state and pumps weren't working correctly, a nightmare where cashier had to shut down register and struggle out to the pump but we couldn't make it work then others came to help while I had meltdown and finally had to get out and discover why the little gas door wouldn't open... Four of us desperately striving to get my needs met.... We ALL forgot I had to turn off engine before pumping gas! But those three kept at it while my anxiety had me screaming and sobbing ? I was pretty nearly undone that freezing cold night but we finally got 'er done! I give the cashier 5 stars and five for each of the helpers.The station itself is not a place I would choose to visit, it's in a state of decline and quite shabby parking lot but it is the last one before I leave FV for West Fork. I probably won't be back except maybe to drop some roses at her feet. Grateful ?”

3.6 Good15 Reviews

“Very friendly cashier. He was cute too. If only I lived near by. Lol helped me out when looking for a price for a perfume and also went out of his way to see if there was a green speaker for me. I'd definitely recommend going here to get snacks or a drink or gas. The pizza place is really good to that's next door. Great prices great pizza. And cute guy at the gas station. ??”

4 Good5 Reviews

“I love how enthusiastic the employees here are. I hate going somewhere and just having to deal with rude employees, and that’s what most gas stations have. But these guys are great! And their food is amazing. Wish they had it open on Sundays too!”

3.3 Good15 Reviews

“the sweetest people ! husband and i stopped in on our way back home from our honeymoon in eureka springs and im so glad we did, they gave us a free cookie to celebrate our being newlyweds! you won’t find better people and even better cookies around.”

3.6 Good5 Reviews

“I love Kum & Go! They have an interesting combination of items that supplies many needs and comfort. They have keto friendly snacks; even ice cream! It is so easy to pop in and out even though the store front MLK BLVD. Hill Ave. borders the east side of the store at a traffic light; which allows you good access, even during rush hour, game days or events. Near U of A and Fayetteville High School. The store has all grades of fuel. E-85 is readily available. Oil and other automotive needs are available. Icees, fountain drinks, deli items, and pre-packaged foods in variety are ready for you. Easy, up front parking, east side parking and entrance is open. I could go on about why Kum & Go is my favorite convenience store. Just visit and see all the great items. The staff on MLK are always kind and courteous.”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“The gas prices here are markedly higher than other Fayetteville Kum & Go locations. However, it's a pretty good parking lot for getting in and out of and I appreciate the access to the Huntsville Rd stoplight. If I were on a road trip, the side parking lot areas would be great for a rest.”

3.2 Average19 Reviews

“The employees here. They are beautiful people. There's one here that works at night. He's a red head. But he is excellent for this job. And the manager here. She's another beautiful person. They work hard. And puts a smile on all there customers. When they come to pay for there gas. There are some others on here that do the same. Work hard. And the homeless people in here they take good care of them too. And we homeless people we try to make this place clean too. Because we care about the people here too.....!”

3.2 Average12 Reviews

“Love coming in here late night. We live at the apartments nearby and the employees who work nights are always friendly. We go in frequently for snacks and lottery tickets. As night owls by the time we need to do anything, everything’s already closed but gas stations so it’s convenient. Ricks great!”

3 Average21 Reviews

“At 5:30 am I went to this store and an outside light was flickering bad enough that I feared a seizure. Store staff is awesome!!! A gentleman behind the counter got a ladder and went out to cover the light. Maintenance had spent a day trying to fix it. The three employees were so kind and helpful and deserve recognition for going above the call of duty. Wonderful ?”

3 Average15 Reviews

“This place is called electric kitchen in Fayetteville Arkansas a must come in an eat there food is a 10star reasonable price the plate I have here is called linguini and clams all the food is a 10star”

3 Average8 Reviews

“You really can't ask more from a convenience store. These people really seem to give a sh*t. Their coffee is good their beer is super cold and they are always open. They are also surprisingly bike friendly for a gas station, they let me use the air pump for free to air up my tires and they keep bike tools outside.”

2.8 Average15 Reviews

“I like going to Murphy Oil because they have a great app and give you points back in gas purchases, which can save you money on future gas purchases. Plus their gas is always suns if the cheapest in town. This gas station has all the pumps working abs was clean.”

2.6 Average5 Reviews

“Alicia is the friendliest person you'll ever meet! Gas prices are cheap! They're quick even if the line is long! It's always very clean in there too! I come here often!”

2.4 Poor6 Reviews

“the EZ mart is a magical place! short walk from my apartment and very convient in the a.m when nothing els is open. There is always a long line full of sketchy individuals there but what can you expext from a gas station.”

2.3 Poor5 Reviews

“To me everything about this place is the best the pizza is rlly good i came in the morning and eat some wasn't expecting it to be that good i went back inside ask for the lady who made the pizza told her she did a fantastic job she was so nice even gave me another pizza (dont worry Casey's she paid for it) so ”

2.4 Poor40 Reviews

“A big thank you to Tricia Elsken who went beyond the call to help me when, recently during a dark and rainy night, my car had a flat tire. Grateful for your being so gracious!”

1.8 Poor8 Reviews