800 New Aldi Stores Coming to the US
Image Credit - Aldi
14 March, 2024

800 New Aldi Stores Coming to the US

The popular discount grocery chain just announced a massive $9 billion expansion plan to open 800 brand new locations over the next five years. "Our growth is fueled by our customers, and they are asking for more Aldi stores in their neighborhoods nationwide," said Jason Hart, CEO of Aldi.

The German supermarket wants to bring its "lowest possible prices" to even more communities by 2028. As the press release states, this expansion comes "during a time when consumers are more focused than ever on saving money."

While specific new store addresses weren't revealed, Aldi said it aims to "strengthen its already strong presence" in the Northeast and Midwest. The chain will also spread further west into Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and other western cities where it has fewer stores currently.

A significant number of the 800 new Aldi locations will actually be remodeled stores formerly owned by Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarkets. Aldi just completed acquiring those Southeast regional chains, converting around 50 stores to the Aldi brand by the end of 2023, with the majority reopening under the new name in 2025.

With its small-footprint stores around 12,000 square feet and over 90% private-label products, Aldi can offer "prices up to 50% cheaper than traditional supermarkets." As analyst Neil Saunders notes, "Aldi's expansion is good news for US consumers seeking low-cost groceries, but it brings competitive pressure that could cause significant disruption and pain for other retailers.”

The discount chain first arrived in the US in 1976. After investing $5 billion-plus to upgrade existing stores in recent years, this bold new expansion will balloon Aldi's presence to nearly 3,000 US locations from coast to coast.