Fan Outfitters is Taking Team Merchandise Stores Nationwide
Image Credit - Fan Outfitters
08 May, 2024

Fan Outfitters is Taking Team Merchandise Stores Nationwide

Fan Outfitters aims to be the ultimate one-stop shop for local professional, college, and even high school team merchandise. The company's unique "hyperlocal" approach is the brainchild of its parent company Lids Sports Group.

Just six months after launching, Fan Outfitters has already opened 12 locations in cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Lexington, and Tampa. The massive 5,500 square-foot spaces are stocked with jerseys, trading cards, replica helmets, and much more across 12-15 local teams.

"We knew our national Lids stores couldn't provide that local experience for diehard fans," said Sean McCabe, Lids' VP of strategy. "Fan Outfitters brings the biggest selection tailored specifically to each community."

But it's more than just shopping. The stores host special events like player meet-and-greets. Each location also gets its own social media channels to foster that local fan community.

The concept has huge potential according to McCabe, who says they could open "200 or 300-plus stores" based on fan demand. In major sports markets like Tampa, they plan to rapidly open around 10 stores within a year.

While hyperfocused on local fandom, Fan Outfitters still covers major events like the Super Bowl with special merchandise. And as a unit of the $1 billion Lids empire, they have the resources to scale quickly.

So whether you live for the Eagles, Crimson Tide, or any other beloved team, get ready. Fan Outfitters is coming to your city with the ultimate local fan experience under one roof. This year has been promising for all the sport-loving shoppers yet, as the other sporting goods retailer Academy Sports announced its expansion plans.