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“Everything one needs for great fresh groceries at fair prices. I personally prefer to shop local….columbia Mercantile never disappoints with their meats, vegetables, and a many many various food items.”

4.9 Superb44 Reviews

“My husband stopped off on his way home yesterday. Right off Hwy. 49 next to the Columbia P.O. this little low key market is the best kept secret in all of Tuolumne County. Maybe even Calavares. We got a Gyro and a Philly Cheesesteak. They were Both absolutely delicious and flavorful. Plus, we got the small plenty filling sandwiches for $10.99!! An excellent price. The people who work there were very polite and cordial. There were lots of choices for beverages. We will be regulars for sure now that we know about them. They also make hamburgers. Check them out.”

4.7 Superb57 Reviews

“This yelp review is for Doug! What an amazing man! So gentle, so nice! You only meet so many people in life with a kind heart and loves his job! Thank you Doug for taking care of us! Your the best Bro!”

4.8 Superb264 Reviews

“The bargain market! Start your grocery shopping here then go some where else to get the essentials they may not have. Super cheap and usually organic and good quality but doesn't always have everything you need.”

4.7 Superb242 Reviews

“My Favorite store Love the staff always so friendly helpful and kind. The store is always so clean ànd the shopping carts work perfectly this is most important no one likes a wheele with a flat spot or its stiff and won't roll so it always pulls you to one direction or another. The fresh meats in the meat department can't be beat and fresh bread and fried chicken with all the side you could ever want and choose. Price Co. Is very cool don't forget about that Tuesday senior discount every break we can get is a needed one so thank you.I look forward to a long and happy relationship.Brian Lundy.”

4.4 Superb185 Reviews

“They have the best meat in the area! We get many different kinds but the bacon is the best! They have a great selection of things you can't find anywhere else! Great little local shop!”

4.7 Superb63 Reviews

“This store brings me joy! Love the fresh smell of organic veggies and fruits upon walking in and the overall options on good organic, nutritious foods. Makes living in a mountain town that much better. Cheers to you, Sierra Market and thank you!”

4.3 Superb128 Reviews

“I've been to this tasting bar twice and even though it is expensive ($66.00 for a bottle of olive oil) I don't mind paying for quality. What really bothers me is the scam. They have a card with 15 stars and when all are punched, you get a "free" bottle of olive oil worth $17.00. So basically they are overcharging by $!.13 per star which is refunded when all the stars are punched. It takes most people several months to reach fifteen stars and the tourists who don't come back are stuck with the overcharge. So, the owner is keeping the overcharge or receiving an interest free loan. Of course, the owner doesn't pay $17.00 for the bottle, so he/she is making out like a bandit. The answer is to charge a fair price in the beginning.”

4.3 Superb87 Reviews

“Good store. House Plants for sale at such a great price! I saw the price and got so excited I grabbed a cart quickly and loaded two up. I asked the cashier if the price was correct as it was so great! Nice staff as well! I am going to start shopping here to see if they have great prices on other grocery items.”

4.3 Superb77 Reviews

“Love this place! Never know what great deals you’ll find! Great shopping experiences every time I go. The owner is very helpful and will give out discounts if needed. Recommend highly.”

4.3 Superb58 Reviews

“Always great service, pretty clean and well stocked. I'm thankful they built this store here in Jamestown! I don't have to go all the way into Sonora for just a couple of things. I can go right down the street and they usually have what I'm looking for.”

4.1 Good76 Reviews

“Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Looking for supplements for a couple of different health issues and the young man helping us gave us so many options and thoroughly explained what each one did. Will be going back often.”

4.1 Good69 Reviews

“It is a Dollar General. The store was clean. Prices reasonable. They didn't have a couple of things I was specifically looking for, but it is a pretty small store.”

4 Good93 Reviews

“This store has a great atmosphere, really nice people working inside. Also has UPS lockers where you can pick up Amazon orders. Bathrooms inside and produce is pretty good”

3.9 Good129 Reviews

“Been going here for many, many years. Always kind, but just as with anyone else, they will give you the same attitude you bring in with you. Prices, yes, they are high at times. A little convenience store in a little town has many competitors. Do you not like the price? Go to Walmart and spend the extra gas money on top of the price of your Oreos and cheap booze. Thanks for existing, R&L.”

4.1 Good23 Reviews

“So a friend of mine was telling me about these chicken pot pies from Safeway, so next time I went into town I picked me up one of these chicken Popeyes from Safeway. Holy guacamole, pretty dang good if you ask me. Very decent size for six dollars loaded to the buttery flaky crust with chicken, peas, carrots potatoes, celery. I wished you could smell it right now. It’s delicious Thank you Safeway.”

3.8 Good60 Reviews

“I love this store. It is very convenient for a stop after work (no more having to always drive to E. Sonora for every little thing).The store is well stocked, clean and friendly employees. Great addition to our community.”

3.8 Good14 Reviews

“This is my favorite store in Sonora been going there for 11 years they have good prices extremely friendly people good parking for the most part and they're very accommodating if you want something and they don't have it they will order it”

3.8 Good12 Reviews

“Good store. House Plants for sale at such a great price! I saw the price and got so excited I grabbed a cart quickly and loaded two up. I asked the cashier if the price was correct as it was so great! Nice staff as well! I am going to start shopping here to see if they have great prices on other grocery items.”

3.1 Average9 Reviews

“Went there very early in the morning for gas and air. The clerk was very attentive and helpful as well as courtious. Also used the restroom and it was clean and we'll stocked with toilet paper. Will stop there again when ever I pass through town.”

3.3 Good27 Reviews

“I appreciate how friendly and helpful staff are and the effort they make to give a solid base selection of foods, especially considering that we live up here in the foothills.I was pleasantly surprised, being a RN myself, how knowledgable Daniel is as pharmacy manager. I got my RSV vaccine today and all went smoothly. In getting to talk with him I felt confidence in his knowledge and skill, which I am picky about given many people don't.”

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“The store's prices have gone up significantly with inflation...or I would have given it a five star rating. They are a hugely successful company that would continue to be hugely successful even without using inflation as a reason to raise prices. But their offering of grocery pickup and delivery is what makes them stand out above all others. Just wish they'd let us tip the clerks.”

1.9 Poor18 Reviews

“This review is for the auto guysWent to Walmart on December 8th 2023 around 6:45pm needed some help with a tire. The gentleman that was part of the closing crew was very helpful!! We went inside and grabbed the items we needed to repair some damage to our car. When we went to checkout at the auto register the gentleman ringing us up was very informative about how to use bondo and gave us some tips to make our repairs go smoothly.”

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