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“I think they do an excellent job. I have two post delivery people and they are awesome.i have lived In Copperopolis for 32 years and I would like to see the negative commenters do their job half as good as they do. Thank you for your excellent service, I appreciate all that you do for our town.”

2.7 Average16 Reviews

“Was not wanting to call the post office today, haven't had the best service in the past. A lovely gentleman answered the phone, answered my questions, offered help and was delightful to talk to. So refreshing”

2.2 Poor9 Reviews

“These guys have gone over and above and I really appreciate the help they have provided me recently, as well as over the long term. Living in a rural area we really depend on UPS, and for a giant company, they know how to provide small-town service (if you can get through the corporate maze and reach someone locally)”

2.1 Poor16 Reviews

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