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“(Translated by Google) A trustworthy bossHelp me to buy things at a good price.Your golf skills are top notch.You play hole-in-one twice.(Original)믿음좋으신 사장님께서좋은가격에 물건을 구입할수 있도록 도와주시고요.골프실력은 수준급 이십니다.홀인원도 2번씩이 하시구요.”

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“Happy to have Jarir in the US. Definitely, it is helpful to get Arabic Islamic books easily. The orders usually are shipped quickly without mistakes. I will continue making more book orders from Jarir”

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“Outstanding selection and great customer service. I go here to pick up warhammer 40k, ASOIAF minis, and acrylic paints like vallejo, citadel, a&k, proacryl, two thin coats, and army painter speedpaints. They are a rare store because they actually do discounts on gw products.I have lately been regularly looking at their consignment section for even more discounted minis.”

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“ChessPalace is a really special place, and I hope chess players continue to come and support this location for years to come. It is very rare to find a location that is completely dedicated to chess. ChessPalace hosts chess tournaments, sells chess supplies, hosts chess speakers, and offers a location for players to come, hang out, and play. It's a wonderful place and a MUST VISIT for any chess fan.”

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“My family and I went in over the weekend and were so pleased with the excellent customer service. Two brothers own this bookstore, They were so nice and so helpful to us. I really appreciate the knowledge and all the time spent with me and my family great place to get great books come check it out. They have a lot of options for all ages to gain more information, really neat spot to purchase books. You have to Support this small business!”

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“I come here very often to purchase my plane tickets for travel. For all seven times I've been here the service has always been great and I highly recommend this travel agency for everyone.”

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“Just called asked for a very old book that I read 50 years ago, Chic Tin Hoa, they have it available also it was on sales so they gave me sales price - I did not know, and they will be shipped to Seattle WA, a very nice young man. If you live out side of OC, you should call and asked for advice, I believed this bookstores will give you great service.”

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“I feel so sad about the sudden passing away of Fr. Perez, he started this church. But his death did not amount to nothing. It only flourished more the old traditional way of saying Mass. I have been Blessed by meeting good priests here too the likes of which is Fr. Starbuck and others, I have been thankful to God that there’s one like this in Orange County, truly a gem!! Hope to see more faithful flocking here. God bless!”

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“(Translated by Google) I go sometimes to buy church piano songs, and every time I go, I can buy new songs, so it's my favorite place.(Original)교회 피아노곡을 구입하기 위해 가끔 가는데, 갈때마다 신간 곡들을 구입 할 수 있어 좋아하는 곳이다”

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“The bookstore is located in the same shopping center as Arirang Market. The store had what I was looking for. It has a good variety of books and tools for both adults and children learning Korean. The bookstore owner is nice and she recommended Netflix for learning Korean. I didn't get too spend too much time in here as I was in a hurry to get home. I hope to return soon.”

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“One of my all time favorite places in California (I am aware there are other locations in other states)! They may not always have the exact movie I came in looking for, but ooh, that's a movie I need! This location is probably my favorite. The staff is so super sweet, never had a single issue with a single employee in the store. Now, a word of caution, it's very easy to spend a lot of money in a store such as this place, but not because the prices are high, but because you find so much you want/need.”

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“Need a late night place for glass "tabaco use" or anything to excite the mood s as little more this is your place and great customer service and context friendly a did open people”

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