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“My truck died and I ended up having to get a new car right away. Ulysses was the person from Autoland who helped me find an affordable car as soon as possible. It's a very long story of what happened to finally get the car but what I will say is that Ulysses went way above and beyond to help me get a new car right away and at the cheapest price. And the bank also was working hard to help me get my loan and get everything going so I can get the car. I apologize for taking a while to write this review but I have been going through some personal and family issues. I took too long in responding to a survey that was sent out to me and I apologize for that. I have been talking about Ulysses and credit union to everybody I know and everybody that's been asking me about my car. I am so grateful to Ulysses and the credit union for everything they did for me. What I have been going through right now lately has taken a big toll on me so when my truck died it was a big blow. So Ulysses and the bank helped me so much more than they realized. Again I've never worked with any business or institution that has worked so hard to help me achieve a goal and these guys deserve so much credit. Thank you Ulysses and schools first credit Union on Harbor.”

4.3Superb25 Reviews

“It's been a long road. When it was time to pick up my prescription, the last three times. I lost my patience I couldn't understand why they couldn't get it together. But Lisa pharmacist assistant and Yen The pharmacist, did an awesome job this time!!! they had my medication on time. They had everything figured out. So excited. I want to thank Yen and Lisa for all your help. Thank you so so much again.”

3.8Good19 Reviews

“The customer service representative, Patty, was amazing. I came in 5 minutes to closing but she still was very positive and friendly to me and talked to me like a human being. Thank you, Patty!”

3.5Good18 Reviews

“The people who work here are incredible. Just plain decent. They will stop their work to engage. Make eye contact. The meat department is the most evident. I'm not so crazy about the lack of nondairy items, so shopping for the vegan kids is limited.”

3.1Average56 Reviews

“Most helpful pharmacy I have EVER experienced. I care for my elderly mother and I had problems dealing with CVS. This Walgreens transferred all of her prescriptions over for me (I didn't have to make a single phone call to CVS about it). It's been about a year now and Walgreens has handled every need my mom has had, perfectly. They go the extra mile every single time, so that I can concentrate my efforts on my mom - instead of talking to insurance carriers and jumping through hoops. They're wonderful and I appreciate them so very much.”

3.9Good7 Reviews

“So Sierra is absolutely Amazing ... I have a small business and wish all employees could be as Amazing as Sierra. She is kind and upbeat and so extremely helpful. I will continue visiting this location because she is so Amazing!”

3Average64 Reviews

“I went to bakery today to order a cake and Ray was such a helpful employee and im so grateful for him assisting me. He had all the answers to questions I had and he was super professional and knowledgeable. Kudos to Ray in the Vons bakery!!”

3Average47 Reviews

“I judge Rite Aids by the faces of the older cashiers who are stuck scooping out ice cream. Here, there were no eyes rolling, no passive-aggressive scoops, no "are you sure you need this triple coop, Jabba?"s. Well done.”

2.9Average36 Reviews

“The guy and girl were extremely patient and understanding. They were very helpful as it was my 1st and only time. Excellent service and a very comforting and clean atmosphere.I highly recommend this location.”

3Average3 Reviews

“I agree with the people saying that the customer service needs to be improved, but I have had no problems with her so far - She's an old foreign lady and probably 70+ years old, lol cut her some slack.”

2.5Average11 Reviews

“Best dump I've ever taken. Not a fan of using public restrooms, but sometimes you do what you gotta do do. If you're in a pinch and need to pinch a loaf, this is your spot.”

2.5Average59 Reviews
1.8Poor32 Reviews

“I walked into the electronics dept and while waiting for my turn to be helped Cody approached the register and politely responded to me when I asked him if he is opening another register. But he was only attending to other duties. But when Îve asked him again about something else he immediately walked me to the aisle and explained to me what which item should be choosing. He is someone that you will appreciate and enjoy dealing with because he is naturally friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable, professional and excellent. He must have been tired already for the day but he helped me all the way without making me feel that I was asking too much already. He even excused himself briefly to ask for another sales person to help someone else who was waiting for him. That right there is caring and what you call educated conscience. After everything: he rung up my purchase& helped with the carry out!!! He is simply great! An asset to this store by all means!!”

1.8Poor85 Reviews

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