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“Went into Community Pawn to sell my scrap gold... Elmar was so professional & took his time in checking everything! Alon g with the fair price they are a great asset to the to our community!”

4.6 Superb53 Reviews

“Went into Community Pawn to sell my scrap gold... Elmar was so professional & took his time in checking everything! Alon g with the fair price they are a great asset to the to our community!”

5 Superb25 Reviews

“Congratulations to Edith for the treatment she gave me after I arrived upset, I managed to calm down with her good treatment, it is a pleasure to be treated by someone like that”

4.3 Superb53 Reviews

“Thank you Beverly for the assistance today, my neighbor greatly appreciated your technical support experience and data transfer from an Android to iPhone; T-Mobile Home Internet has been a godsend with my neighbor's son's schoolwork. Many blessings to you and this store! ??”

3.9 Good24 Reviews

“okay I don't really leave reviews, but I must say that Nicole who works at the imperial and studebaker MetroPCS is by far my favorite ?!!!! for some reason my phone number got attached to a tablet and started acting really crazy on my phone both devices had my phone number smdh and she went above and beyond to fix that problem and took the time out to really find out what was going on... amazing customer service ? thank you Nicole??”

3.6 Good25 Reviews

“Angel the store manager in Norwalk went above and beyond and out of his way to deliver great customer service . Experiences like this make me appreciate Rent a Center”

3.2 Average30 Reviews

“bought my oculus. was not available at the other location. but got info which location had one. i like the not busy and hurried vibe. i could have bought it at other stores but decided to spread my wealth around”

3.1 Average13 Reviews

“Who doesn’t love target! They have everything Walmart doesn’t have in stock. The store is always in stock. They have a Starbucks inside so you can have starbucks and shop! They carry many items for new fathers as a one stop store.”

2.9 Average59 Reviews

“Went in today to pick up an order and return some items. I was helped by a very friendly young man named Thomas. . He was very efficient and gave everyone he dealt with excellent service. Above and beyond ! I made sure to let management know. Thank you Thomas ! 5 stars !!”

2.9 Average17 Reviews

“there's better 7/11s but going here for a late night run is cool. the taquitos r a like suitable late night choice, inexpensive, and like they got snacks so it's cool. service is always very passive, but I've never had a bad experience. It's generally dirty but it's also literally a 7/11”

2.7 Average3 Reviews

“I just wanna share that every time I go to 7-Eleven I was greeted when I come in with a great customer service , and usual I’m always there two times a day seven days a week., most important billing good relationship with employees with a good service at all times.thank you 7eleven?”

2.7 Average7 Reviews

“Excellent location for drive up orders. I switched to this target because it carried more items that I wanted to buy. Drive up orders save a lot of time. The target workers that work drive up are amazing and have a positive attitude.”

2.7 Average68 Reviews

“Came in expecting disaster so close to Christmas but the person working there his name is tony amazing individual help out took his time and I ended up getting a new phone added to what i had without breaking the bank”

2.4 Poor23 Reviews

“This is not a review about the store or its products, but rather, a story about human kindness.I was driving home alone late one Tuesday night and had the urgent need to use the restroom. Unfortunately I was far from my destination and wouldn't make it in time. I realized most businesses were closed, but in a desperate attempt for relief, I made an unfamiliar exit off the 605 freeway onto Rosecrans Ave. I saw the 7-Eleven and knew from experience that most convenience stores don't have public restrooms, but it was my only option and last resort.As I entered, I noticed several people waiting in line for one cashier, so I made my way to the back in hopes of an accessible restroom, but upon not seeing one, I returned to the front. The cashier and I happened to lock eyes and even though he was helping the others, he must have seen the helplessness in mine because he immediately asked if I needed the restroom. I replied, "yes please, it's an emergency." Without hesitation or judgment, he grabbed his keys and unlocked the employee one for me.I thanked him profusely again on my way out and he wished me a safe drive home. In my rush to leave, I forgot to ask for his name but I read in another review about a gentleman named Laxman at this location who helped a woman with her car, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same person.I hope he realizes the profound impact his small gesture had on a woman concerned for her safety at night but in a dire situation.”

2.5 Average46 Reviews

“Go to spot for snacks here in Norwalk ca, very clean and easy to find stuff, staff always helpful and friendly, gas station outside and air/water machine outside great place to pit stop”

2 Poor19 Reviews

“The rating is for EDGAR. Another customer and I were looking for an item that said in stock on the app but was no where to be found out on the shelves. We bumped into Edgar who was restocking in the food section and asked him about the product. Edgar kindly stopped what he was doing and walked with us. Took us to the area where the merchandise is usually at but none was there. Edgar asked an employee Marissa about the items but she didn't seem to care about us looking for it. She told Edgar that they should be on the shelves (which we had already checked with Edgar) she didn't seem nice when Edgar said oh it says we have 20 or 25 in stock. But either way Edgar Went to check in the back stock and luckily the product was found! Edgar is definitely the man!!! Best customer service. Marissa you could definitely learn from Edgar's friendliness and excellent customer service”

2 Poor27 Reviews

“My local convenient store. Aways stocked, clean and friendly staff. I'm always here as it is arpund the corner from the house. I come by for ice, energy drink/coffee, snacks or something sweet! Can't help the homeless all along Magnolia ave. They keep to themselves for the most part.”

1.5 Poor22 Reviews

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