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“This Is a one stop shopping center, large parking spaces. I try to do must of my errands all at once at this shopping center. My 1st stop is at jamba juice, then wellsfargo, safeway last stop ups store if I have a package to pick-up or send. Then I'm done. Easy ? ?”

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“Everything in one place. There is a huge wine store, ranch, 99 market, Macy's, furniture, showroom, across the street it's called the same thing in there. We have CVS pharmacy with a drive-through, as well as a brand new drive-through Taco Bell. Lots of good stuff here.”

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“Fast food restaurants, Lucky grocery store, T-Mobile, Jamba Juice, etc. Miss the Dairy Queen that's been gone for several years now. Plenty of parking in clean lot. Good access to 580. Bus stop right at plaza for those who don't drive.”

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“Nice small indoor plaza for East Asian eateries. There a few average restaurants in here, but they're all small businesses so you can't go wrong with any.”

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“Metro 580 brings me back to the 80's ... nah it doesn't. Nice shopping plaza that has a variety of stores. Can't go wrong spending an afternoon here.”

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“An awesome place to come grab a bite to eat in a very nice plaza. They have a very large patio lots of space very friendly staff fast service everything was great here. A lot of TVs to be able to watch your favorite sports games a lot of nice beer. A great social place to come with family.”

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“Stoneridge Shopping Centre environment is perfect, with a mix of brand name stores and big box stores to choose from. What really stands out to me is the comfortable seating areas where you can take a break during your shopping spree.This malls allow people to bring their pets on a leash. It's great if you have a furry friend, but remember to ensure your pet doesn't cause any trouble.Convenient amenities like charging stations and even a cotton candy vending machine. I recommend a visit for a fun shopping experience.”

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“I love the stores at this complex because it has the right combination of Boba, other specialty drinks, desserts, restaurants, and grocery shopping. I took off one star because I am concerned about the parking after reading about all the car break-ins. I will be sure to not keep anything valuable in sight when I leave my vehicle. I do see security from time to time but I guess it's hard to be everywhere at once when these criminals act so quickly to break in. I hope that more cameras have been set up and maybe that could help deter some criminal activity. I also hope that the business owners are being treated fairly too because there are some great stores at this place. Anyhoo just wanted to show some love to this spot on Yelp's #ThankYouThursday!”

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