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“Tractor supply is a great place to get what a person needs, from grain for the horses to shoes, and a lot in-between. Great quality, prices and the employees, you couldn't ask to find better than them to help with every need or want you have while shopping. The only thing wrong with this business, well, I can't think of any, I'll have to get back to you on that?!”

4.4 Superb38 Reviews

“Great stuff, gets me in trouble. I Love going in each time and seeing what new stuff I can treat myself to, the hours are awesome because everything else closes so early in the area. Only thing I am not crazy about is lack of good customer service, or friendly at least, the Staff kind of all walk around like they hate they're jobs, and you don't see smiling faces too often. Which is a bummer. Otherwise. It's one of my favorite stops for shopping”

4.1 Good101 Reviews

“Call me crazy but I really like this Kohl's I had to return something from Amazon got 20% off for bringing my return there ended up spending a couple hundred dollars inside the store just before Christmas they had a lot of things I haven't found at other stores. There are plenty of people working inside to help you find whatever you're looking for I found a lot of things on clearance and 20 40 60% off not a bad store at all inside the junction Shopping Center I definitely recommend checking this store out”

4.1 Good36 Reviews

“I have scares on my face from a fire I was looking for make up that was waterproof a lady walked up and asked if i needed help when I told her what I was looking for she replied,"Nothing here is going to fix that." I left crying”

4.2 Good24 Reviews

“Great store. Friendly and helpful staff. Some items are regularly stocked, but others tend to rotate over time. There are some great deals to be found here...but it isn't exactly a one stop shop. Luckily it is nearby some other retailers that can complete one's shopping list.”

4.2 Good12 Reviews

“The store's prices have gone up significantly with inflation...or I would have given it a five star rating. They are a hugely successful company that would continue to be hugely successful even without using inflation as a reason to raise prices. But their offering of grocery pickup and delivery is what makes them stand out above all others. Just wish they'd let us tip the clerks.”

1.9 Poor15 Reviews

“People work really hard here to keep the store going. There are complaints about this store, but especially regarding complaints about the self checkout, I know that really it is because people want to get away with stealing.”

2.7 Average75 Reviews