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“Literally been going to this gas station for 30 years. When I started going, the cashier was in an island in the middle. I will continue to use for as long as it's there.”

4.4Superb24 Reviews

“My absolute favorite "convenience" store. Afterall, it's convenient!Better yet, it is well stocked, sells gas and has a GREAT team of people to help you.They even helped me get into my car after I locked by keys in it on a VERY cold night. :)”

3.6Good51 Reviews

“The thing I love about this place is that it’s tun by a great family, they have always treated me with respect and the 3 girls that work there are so I’m incredibly sweet! They treat me so well and are extremely helpful! Thank you for doing an amazing job!!”

3.8Good23 Reviews

“Cinthia went above and beyond to create a feeling community and trust! I feel so lucky to have such an amazing staff working at my local gas station. Not to mention this location is always clean, well stocked with snacks and drinks and the prices are always the cheapest in the area. Thanks again Cinthia !”

3.6Good38 Reviews

“I have been going here for 7 years for gas and all of my convince store needs. i bypass 7-11 and Loaf & Jug and pay the extra penny for gas because they are local owners and always polite and personal. Always a smile, always a short convo, and because they know what I like they keep it stocked (specific flavor energy drink) and when they are out of stock they let me know its ordered and when its there. As long as they are there, I will always be a loyal patron. Thank you for all you do! Shop local and remember to always be kind!”

3.7Good25 Reviews

“This place has everything, lots of well lit, clean, gas pumps. Hot food and tons of other stuff. Last but not least - THE CLEANEST BATHROOMS!!! Thank you JACKIE your service was excellent and your bathrooms immaculate!”

3.5Good40 Reviews

“This is honestly the best Walgreens I know, I drive from Aurora just to come to this Walgreens. They actually respect you, they get things done in a timely manner, they are organized and you can rely on them. Huge thanks to the team at this Walgreens. You guys rock!”

3.5Good22 Reviews

“This place has one of the lowest local prices for gas of any that allow you to pay and start the pump with Google Pay. This also gives you a $0.10 per gallon discount. They also have decent squeegees for cleaning your windows.”

3.4Good25 Reviews

“Honestly the best rocket out there. Amazing customer service. I was afraid to go into the parking lot today because of some people giving me bad vibes and the assistant manager offered the walk me out. Best people ever.”

4Good4 Reviews

“Typical gas station with well stocked items outside and a clean store inside.Gas prices are national average, ice machine and air station as well. Inside is a typical store for drinks, snacks, lotto tickets and auto items.Cashier was friendly, no problems at all.”

3.2Average47 Reviews

“I have several convenience stores to choose from right in a row, and I choose this one every time. The most pleasant cashiers I've ever come across. Love the way they treat everyone who comes in. Refreshing.”

3.2Average20 Reviews

“i thought it was well kept and maintained. They have quite a selection of 'real food' like sandwiches, breakfast, pizza, and hot dogs. Close as you can get to real food and it's not bad at all.The staff were kind and efficient and didn't even judge me for my 4cups of coffee.Oh! and gas is the cheapest i've seen clear across Colorado, north, south, east, or west.That's fantastic, all by itself.”

3Average32 Reviews

“I came to this place based on my cousin's recommendation. I was impressed by the excellent customer service provided by the friendly employees. The food was also enjoyable.”

3Average45 Reviews

“Best customer service in town. My favorite place to go for pops or snacks. Would recommend this place to anyone for the cleanest store and the best customer service”

2.9Average30 Reviews

“Always great service, great staff from morning to night. 07-11-2019 they were thee only 7eleven in town with slurpee's. Love this place, always so clean, thanks guys!”

2.9Average36 Reviews

“It was 7/11. They were confused that I was picking up my own order. They wanted to see my phone. (I am a driver, but I was being a customer yesterday.) Very nice, but very confused, probably because of the language barrier.”

2.9Average39 Reviews

“I was moving too fast, left my debit card in the pump, and a lovely customer turned it in. When I called, Kaylee answered and told me she had it. So honest! That could have been a total disaster.”

2.8Average20 Reviews

“Store and pharmacy is awesome! I'd like to say people need to understand that this is a small pharmacy and they do not carry every single medication available in store. A lot of my own medications need to be ordered in and take a couple extra days to come in. I'm not sure why people want to complain, you DO NOT wait until the day of your last medication on hand to put in a refill. Especially if you are aware that it is a specific and popular medication. Seems like its the patients error NOT the pharmacy. I've also been told on multiple occasions, when I go out of town that my medications were put back on stock because they will only hold for 10- 12 days. That is absolutely REASONABLE! If your medication is so important you would think you would be picking it up in a timely manner. I think some people want to make their problems the pharmacys problem and do not want to take accountability OR responsibility. The amount of traffic and business they have is crazy! They ARE HUMAN! NOT robots running at an incredible rate and NOT on your time. These people just don't get enough credit in my opinion. Great job pharmacy team!!”

2.8Average66 Reviews

“I have to be honest,this gas station has given me more than a handful of negative experiences, however, I like to focus only on the good. today the attendant, Mr. Eric Kilcullen was my superhero, twice! I lost my wallet, but luckily I had all of my card information saved to Apple wallet… I had no idea how to use Apple Pay at the gas pump or at the register. Eric offered to help me and really save the da. I had been running on Empty for two days! because I was on E! for two days and my brother had to cash app me so it was all the electronic transferring which he help me with first… next I asked him what happens when a vehicle doesn’t have the gas cap on …? because I lost mine in Denver. He pulled out a gas cap that had been there for a while and asked me if it would fit and it did!!! Yesss! Thanks Eric”

2.7Average38 Reviews

“4/23/23- I was actually shocked by how many different liquors they had. There was even a peanut butter one. They had a good variety of food and drinks. Also the restrooms were really clean. This is a great place for a quick break.”

2.5Average18 Reviews

“-15 degrees outside and my wife and I were in need of a couple drinks to go. We had just been shooed away from the Conoco directly across the street for being in the parking lot for 2 minutes. On many occasions the clerk at 7-11 has been kind and respectful. We much prefer the customer service and simple shopping experience at this location. To the clerk and other employees that work at this location. Thank you for being reasonable and kind human beings as opposed to your neighbors across the street at Conoco.”

2.6Average32 Reviews

“This is the nicest staff and customer service I've encountered, pretty much across the country. They are outstanding human beings. And seeing that they had a night shift quit all at once. I hope the owner of this place realizes the value their employees bring. This has been my favorite 7-11 for years. Even half staffed they are here everyday ready to work and share a smile. Thank you 7-11 workers. You're inspirational in a struggling world. To the owner of this location; treat this guts right and pay them well. They are worth so much more than you realize in customer service alone. In spite of all the ups and downs and ungrateful people that can't see what they are dealing with... They shine brightly, above and beyond!”

2.6Average53 Reviews

“When it comes to a large gas station and store, some stores are a five star store, others are a 4 star store. It's all about the employees on shift and other sites, the way some are greeted upon entering, is what makes a store. The complaints I hear about is restrooms and signs, or customer only issues. Other than that Circle k is a place of business, and everybody is extremely professional depending on days and people on shift, or who they work with.”

2.5Average50 Reviews

“Jesus is extremely helpful and hardworking. The staff are not rude. They do everything they can. Of course they don't know everything in the store, there's thousands of products. Most staff are new. That's ridiculous that there's even a review about that. And let me add that most of the 1 star reviews are from when the pharmacist at this location passed away and they had to wait until there was another person who could take over. When people were informed about that, they still did everything they could to abuse and degrade the staff. It was the worst behavior I have ever seen and it made me so ashamed of the people in this city. All of you need a reality check.”

2.4Poor43 Reviews

“Honestly this gas station has one of the best employees I've seen in a while. No joke if you go hope to get Aaron he is fast and very helpful. Also is very good at his job”

2.1Poor22 Reviews

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