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  • "This Ulta is consistently out of stock of at least one if not several items that I'm looking for every single time I go. Half the cashiers act like helping customers is an inconvenience. Disappointing. Update 1/26/17- they were out of stock of my shade of foundation yet again yesterday, they told me they get their product shipment in on Friday mornings so I called this morning to ask them to set it aside for me and the lady I spoke with said she would certainly do that for me, then told me to have a good day- uh, she didn't even ask my name?? I told her what my name was and what time I would be here and... can you guys guess what happened?? She did not set it aside for me. I hate this place. I will try to shop online as much as possible from here on out because the "good" Ulta store in superior is too far for me."
  • "The girls are nice once you get them to actually help you. I stood and looked in 3 different isles for a foundation for over 20 min one day going back and forth trying testers on my hand. Associates walking past me multiple times. Not 1 asked if I needed help or said hi or anything. After I got help they were very nice and super helpful."
  • "The friendliness of the staff is really hit or miss. The person that waits on you is either so nice you want to tip them or so rude you NEVER want to come back again. Sadly, I keep coming back (sometimes for more abuse) because of their good selection."
  • "Recently, my entire make up bag was stolen. I went to the Ulta here in Longmont as soon as I could. Three ladies, Bri, Janelle, and Megan ALL were fantastic. I was super bummed walking in and they helped me find the products I needed in addition to walking around with me for an hour helping me find a new and improved version of my old make up bag and products. I had to return a few things the next evening and Brian took great care of me again. I loved how great my experience here was especially when I really needed their help."
  • "AMAZING PEOPLE! I've been going to this store for a couple years now. One associate here helped me truly find the best, cheapest shampoo & conditioner for my hair. Another, Heather, who is was in from Tarte, WAS WONDERFUL! She is great and knowledgeable and taught me a lot. Then there was Joe!!! I cannot rave about him enough! Salon is great, too! "

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