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1242 S Hover Rd Suite 100, Longmont, CO 80501

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Most Recent Comments

  • "Michael the manager was so knowledgeable and friendly! He explained everything about the phones and service so clearly. I really appreciated his professionalism !"
  • "I went into the store today to get help with my new Xfinity mobile phone. I haven't been able to transfer my photos from my old phone to my new phone because of an error message so I needed help. I didn't realize my old phone's battery wasn't charged. I asked to plug my phone in to charge it for a few minutes. I was told they didn't have a charger that I could use even though they have many phones on display and my old phone uses the standard USB charger. Rude! Day 2. I charged the phone and returned to the store for assistance. They once again refused to help me because, 1) I didn't bring "The cables" and 2) I have to use Google even though I've explained to them there is an error message during transfer. Great customer service!!!"
  • "I love this new store! The staff is very friendly and the store looks amazing! I thought that I've been to some nice stores in the past, but this one is so much better! Thank you for all of your help!"
  • "Our company had internet service in S.E. Longmont through Comcast for two years. Every day that service went down for 15-30 minutes taking our phones, personal computers and servers with it. We called and called and it was never fixed. This last January we were no longer able to receive SMTP (email) to our mail server. Comcast refused to replace the modem saying it was not at fault while we could see see SMPT on one side but it would not come out the other. We fought Comcast for 3 months while we had no company email until they finally replace the modem and instantly we had emails again. Do not use Comcast for a business...they are awful. We called over 30 days in advance to cancel and they said we would be charged an additional two months and we were not in contract!! NextLight is wonderful!"
  • "Staff is great really hoping to be a longtime subscriber"

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